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FAQs about Sweaters

by Staff Writer

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You pull out your sweaters every year when the leaves start to fall, but this season might be the time to replace the men's sweaters and women's sweaters that are starting to pill, become discolored or go out of style. You're bound to have some concerns about caring for your sweaters, cleaning cashmere sweaters and wool sweaters and finding the women's sweaters and men's sweaters that fit best. Fortunately, we have the answers to your questions. Read on for FAQs about sweaters and sweater vests and tips about purchasing them online.

FAQs about Sweaters:

  1. How can I keep my sweaters from stretching?
    Most sweaters, especially cashmere sweaters, should be folded instead of hung on a hanger. If you do hang your V-neck sweaters or crewneck sweaters, make sure you use a padded hanger, as a non-padded one will create stretch marks in the sleeves of your cardigan sweaters and wool sweaters. To avoid wrinkling your sweaters or exposing them to dust and moisture, place tissue paper between each sweater and stack them gently. A lingerie chest or small dresser is a great place to store sweaters.

  2. How can I clean my sweaters?
    If you think you'll have a hard time hand washing or dry cleaning, get machine washable cotton sweaters. Otherwise, follow the instructions on the tag, which will usually require hand washing. Just fill a sink or tub with water that is the appropriate temperature and some delicate laundry detergent. When you've finished gently washing the cardigan sweaters or sweater vests, lay them flat on a towel or on a drying rack to dry. Some sweaters can also be spot cleaned with a damp cloth, which can be best for delicate silk or cashmere sweaters.

  3. How can I make sure the clothing I buy online will fit?
    Know your size before you make any purchases, especially when you're buying V-neck sweaters or crewneck sweaters, which need to fit precisely. Look at the sweaters you have already that fit well, and purchase styles and sizes similar to the ones in your closet. To get some extra help, you can take a look at our men's sizing guide or our women's sizing guide so you can shop with confidence.

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