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FAQs About Stuhrling Original Watches

FAQs About Stuhrling Original Watches

You have many options when shopping for a luxury watch, and choosing the right men's watch or women's watch brand is an important part of the process. A watch should be an investment; look for a watch that will serve you throughout your life and be passed down as a family heirloom. Stuhrling Original watches are quality timepieces with luxury styling. Stuhrling Original men's watches and Stuhrling Original women's watches are also affordable. Stuhrling uses the very best Swiss watchmaking techniques and invests in top-notch, lavish materials. You can't go wrong with a Stuhrling watch for your collection. Use our answers to frequently asked questions about Stuhrling to choose a Stuhrling Original for yourself or to give as a gift.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Stuhrling a new brand?

Stuhrling Original is a new watch brand with an old tradition, forged in the early years of Swiss horology. Max Stuhrling Sr. lived in Switzerland during the late 1800s, just as the Swiss were building their legacy as the world’s most skilled watchmakers. He constructed intricate movements and complications for several industry leaders, and he trained his son, beginning a family legacy of watchmakers. In 1999, his great-grandson Max Stuhrling IV, himself a veteran of the watchmaking industry, was able to manufacture distinctive watches with the family name as the brand. He insisted that Stuhrling Original watches be crafted with the same skill, attention to detail and beauty that had been tradition in his family for generations.


Why haven’t I seen Stuhrling Original watches in retail stores?

Stuhrling Original is committed to making fine watches available to anyone who appreciates the skill and tradition of watchmaking. In keeping with this dedication, Stuhrling watches are marketed almost exclusively on the Internet — the medium that has made high-quality men’s watches and women’s watches available to more people than ever before.


What features and styles are available from Stuhrling watches?

Stuhrling watches are made with luxury and style in mind. A Stuhrling watch of any style is a luxury timepiece. You can choose between Stuhrling automatic watches and quartz watches and select a Stuhrling that is waterproof, has separate chronograph functions or offers dual-time display. Stuhrling uses Krysterna for its dials, which is a synthetic material that is used in making durable eyeglasses. Watchmakers have discovered its superior properties during the past five years and have begun placing Krysterna crystals in their watches. Krysterna is scratch-resistant like sapphire but is less brittle, making it more shatter-proof. Stuhrling offers a stylish and durable watch for every wardrobe.