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FAQs about Steam Generators

by Paul Sanders

Woman in a wooden steam generated sauna

One of the benefits of a gym membership is being able to enjoy the sauna or steam room. Now it is possible for you to have your own steam bath at home. All you need is a steam generator and either a steam shower or sauna. Then you can enjoy luxuriating in the cleansing humidity and heat of steam. If that sounds enticing, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about steam generators to help you make it a reality in your home.

Steam Generator Questions:

  1. Where are steam generators used?
    Saunas and steam rooms are built to hold in the steam and heat from your steam generator. In the home, steam generators are typically used with modular steam showers and saunas that can be quickly assembles and added to any room in your home. They usually require plumbing and electrical fixtures for installation.

  2. How does a steam generator work?
    There are several types of steam generators. Electrical steam generators use electric coils to rapidly heat water into steam and then pump the steam into your steam shower or sauna. Other models burn gas or propane to heat the water and make steam. The generator heats a few gallons at a time, which allows it to generate a lot of steam quickly.

  3. Do steam showers use a lot of water?
    No. The steam generator in a shower or sauna will really only use about two gallons for 20 minutes of steam. That's significant considering the fact that a regular showerhead can pump out over 2 gallons per minute. Actually, a steam shower can be just as cleansing as a regular shower, opening your pores and refreshing your skin with less water.

  4. How do I control the steam temperature?
    Usually, a modular steam shower or sauna will have a built-in thermostat, allowing you to control the temperature or amount of steam coming from the steam generator. After a couple of steam sessions, you'll be able to adjust the settings to fit your preferences perfectly. Some steam generators even include LCD control panels that allow you to store multiple settings for different users.

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