FAQs About Soaking Tubs

FAQs About Soaking Tubs

Relaxing soaking tubs easily wash away the stress of the day. These deep bathtubs can create the ultimate luxury bathroom. Homeowners in warm climates may also choose to install one or more soaking tubs on a private patio or in a secluded garden area, in lieu of a whirlpool. The old-world charm of a porcelain soaking tub or rustic flair of a cedar-sided bathtub adds a hidden treasure to private backyard getaways. Designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, soaking tubs are a beautiful addition to any home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What styles of soaking tubs are available?

From the vintage look of claw-foot or pedestal-style soaking tubs to modern wood and tiled construction, these large bathtubs come in a variety of styles. High-backed, curvy and elongated soaking tubs are traditional. Modern-style homes may be more suited for square and rectangular soaking tubs in a spa-style bathroom, recessed patio or deck. Soaking tubs may be constructed from porcelain, copper, stainless steel, tile or even wood.

Does a soaking tub offer special features?

From the massaging pressure of jetted water to aromatherapy features and temperature control, soaking tubs are built for relishing the bathing experience. High-end bathtubs offer chromatherapy, or mood stimulation through colored lamps. Lamps are built into the basin of the bathtub, allowing the user to select a colorful illumination for the water. Combine the tranquil scent of vanilla with calming cool blue for a relaxing soak. Create a romantic experience by adding peppermint or lavender scent with a magenta chromatherapy setting.

What sizes do typical soaking tubs come in?

Typical soaking tubs range in length from 60 to 72 inches. It’s common for the average soaking tub to hold around 250 gallons of water. Soaking tubs are available as single- or two-person bathtubs.

Do we need special plumbing, pumps and filters to accommodate a soaking tub?

Soaking tubs can be installed in modern bathrooms that are currently plumbed for standard bathtubs or showers. Unlike whirlpools, soaking tubs do not require additional pumps, filters or plumbing to function in a modern bathroom. Soaking tubs installed outside will need access to rough hot, cold and drainage plumbing lines.