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FAQs about Skateboard Decks

by Chandler Warnick

Choose a skateboard deck that matches your personality

When you're buying a skateboard, the skateboard deck is the first piece of equipment you'll want to choose. After all, your skateboard deck is what will determine how your skateboard feels and which kind of riding you will do. If you aren't sure how to choose a skate deck that's right for how you skate, keep reading: We've prepared a short list of answers to FAQs about skateboard decks.

About Skateboard Decks:

  1. What are the main things I should consider when choosing a skateboard deck?
    The main factors that will determine how your skateboard deck performs will be the length and width of the deck. While there isn't a best length and width out there, the dimensions of your skate deck will affect how your skateboard performs, and you want to match the length and width of your deck to the kind of skateboarding you plan to do.

  2. How will the length of the skateboard deck affect performance?
    Generally, skate decks are divided into two lengths: traditional decks, which are 33 inches and shorter, and longboard decks, which are 35 inches and longer. Traditional decks, or street decks, are what you think of when you think of a skateboard. They're versatile and short enough that you can do plenty of different tricks. Longboard skateboards are designed for cruising, and they're more stable and have more of a "surf" feel than street boards.

  3. How will the width of the skateboard deck affect performance?
    Skateboard decks can range in width from 7 inches to 8.5 inches, with various lengths in between. Boards designed for performing tricks like kick-flips are usually narrower because it's easier to rotate a narrow board. Longboard skateboards, on the other hand, are fairly wide in order to give a longboarder as much stability as possible. Boards designed for transition skating (ramps and rails) usually have a width of about 8 inches.

  4. What kind of skateboard deck should I get if I want an all-around skateboard?
    For beginners or for people who want a versatile skateboard, a street deck that's about 8 inches wide is a good bed. A deck this size will allow you to both cruise and do tricks, and the width is wide enough to feel stable, but not so wide that it will keep you from practicing a kick-flip.

  5. How should I take care of my skateboard deck?
    Skateboard decks are designed to withstand a lot of abuse, so you don't have to worry about being gentle with a new skate deck. However, a deck can weaken if you leave it out in the sun a lot or let it get wet often. While a normal amount of sun and moisture won't hurt your skateboard deck, exposing it to the elements for a long time can weaken glues that hold the board together and give it flex, which can shorten the life of your skate deck.

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