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FAQs about SDHC Memory Cards

by Paul Sanders

Pink camera with an SDHC card installed

Since they appeared, SD cards have continued to grow and improve. Memory has gotten cheaper, faster and more efficient. SDHC cards are a more advanced form of SD card that have significantly improved expandable memory for portable electronic devices. To help you make the most of SDHC for your own devices, here are the answers to frequently asked questions about SDHC and SD cards.

SDHC Memory Cards Explained:

  1. What does SDHC stand for?
    SDHC stands for "secure digital high capacity." This describes a standard used in memory cards. You'll find the acronym for memory cards listed on the devices that accept those memory cards.

  2. What is the difference between standard SD and SDHC memory cards?
    SDHC cards use different memory-storage "addressing," which allows it to store a larger amount of data than regular SD cards. Both types of memory card use the same interface and form factor, which means that an SD card will fit into an SDHC slot and vice versa. However, both types of cards may not be readable in all types of memory slots.

  3. Are SDHC memory card compatible with all SD slots?
    Unless your laptop, camera or other device specifically lists that it is compatible with SDHC, it will not recognize the memory card. SDHC devices do recognize old SD cards, however. This means you can use your old cards in future devices, as long as new card-slot standards are made backwards-compatible with old cards.

  4. Which devices will accept an SDHC memory card?
    Any device that states SDHC compatibility in its specifications will accept these cards. Compatible devices may include laptops, digital cameras, cell phones, memory card readers, MP3 players and other devices. Before you choose a card, consider what kind of files your device will be storing on the card and how much storage space those files will need.

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