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FAQs about Paintball Games

by Staff Writer

Playing a paintball game

Have you ever wondered what paintball games are really all about? Do you want to know what paintballing is but don't know where to start? This article will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about paintball and the paintball games people play.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is paintballing and who can play?
    Simply put, paintballing consists of people shooting balls of paint at each other. It involves competition, strategy, action and skill. It's a very physical and fast-paced activity. The activity is geared towards people age 10 and older, although children should be closely supervised.

  2. Does getting hit by a paintball hurt?
    It does sting a bit and can leave a bruise, but after the initial hit, people get used to it. Many people prefer to wear something that covers most, if not all, of the body for protection.

  3. What should be worn?
    Many participants wear something dark, as it may get dirty, worn and stained. Many players choose to wear camouflage clothing and comfortable boots or shoes. There is also specially made paintball clothing available for enthusiasts.

  4. What paintball equipment or gear is needed?
    Facilities that offer organized paintball games will provide players with all of the equipment that may be needed, though some allow people to bring their own gear. More informal games will require that you have your own equipment. Necessary gear includes paintball guns (also known as paintball markers), paintball ammunition and safety equipment. More extensive accessories are also available for experienced players. Paintball goggles or masks are always required because the force of the pellets can result in serious eye injuries, sometimes permanent, such as scarring or blindness.

  5. What variations of the game are there and how much time is involved?
    There are many games that can be played: assassins, elimination, bounty hunters, snipers, necromancer, deathball, VIP, capture the flag and others. Each game has different sets of rules and styles of play. The games can last anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or more. With organized or professional games, there are usually referees involved in the action. For private gatherings, it may be up to the individuals to decide how to keep the games fair.

  6. Where can paintball be played?
    It can be played outdoors in the woods, referred to as woodsball, on a predetermined playing field with obstacles where speedball is often played or indoors in a specially designed paintball facility. If it's legal to do so where you live, it can also be played in your own yard; just be sure to be safe.

  7. How are paintball rules determined?
    Each game has a basic set of rules that are provided by the organizer or sponsor. The rules can be followed exactly as put forth by the sponsor, or they can be modified using house rules or rules agreed upon by the group. There are also professional tournament rules that some people prefer to use.

  8. How many people are needed to play?
    The number of players can vary. You can practice by yourself, have two players for one-on-one games, three players for basic team strategies, four players for two-on-two games or as many players as want to play and taht can be accommodated by the size of the playing area.

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