FAQs about Online Discount Shopping

Published October 6, 2010 | Updated January 6, 2016

The World Wide Web has changed a lot in the past decade, and discount shopping online has changed with it. Back in 2000, internet retail was any man's (or woman's, of course) game, and small retailers battled for market share right alongside the giants. What that meant for online discount shopping was that prices and service varied widely, and surfing around for a certain item could often pay off big in terms of savings. Today, the online discount shopping scene has changed; some retailers have disappeared completely, while others have managed to cut their production costs to all-time lows while passing on the savings to the shopper. Just surfing around is no longer the best way to find deals. Nevertheless, it can still be a mystifying process. Keep reading to find out answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about online discount shopping.

Commonly Asked Questions about Online Discount Shopping:

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  • Is online discount shopping still a bargain after you include shipping charges?

    The short answer is yes, it's worth it, but be on the lookout for hidden fees that only pop up in the grand total. Determine the shipping prices before you check out. Trustworthy sites will not attempt to disguise their shipping policies. Know when your items are non-returnable. If you think it might be an issue, check out the returns policy. Sites that stand behind their products will make it easy for you to print shipping labels for return gratis.

  • When is the right time to buy?

    Online discount shopping promotions frequently follow a holiday schedule. For example, you'll find amazing deals on jewelry and perfume leading into Valentine's Day; and, of course, the Monday after Thanksgiving is a heck of a big day to shop. That doesn't mean you have to be a slave to the seasons. Winter wear gets more expensive in the fall because of rising demand. Expand your shopping list to include things you will need year-round. Shopping for gifts ahead of time will not only save you big bucks, but it will also let you relax when everyone else is scrambling.

  • Do I have to shop around to find the best deals?

    Not necessarily. While surfing around can't hurt, sticking with one trusted retailer has a number of advantages. More and more frequently, prices among the top large retailers are beginning to level out. That means that online discount shopping sites are trying harder to differentiate themselves with things like excellent customer service, discounted shipping, and exclusive coupons for return customers. If you find a site that generally has great deals, a good selection, and that has perks you like, sticking with that site can pay off in terms of both service and extra savings allotted to return customers.