FAQs about Microfiber Furniture

by Staff Writer

Home decor has seen huge advancements in microsuede living room furniture over the past few years. Microsuede fabric is soft, comfortable, durable and stain-resistant, and it holds its color well. These qualities make microsuede living room furniture an excellent choice. Because microfiber, the base fabric for microsuede, claims to be able to do all this, naturally there are skeptics. Below is a list of some FAQs about microfiber furniture.

Microfiber Furniture Questions:

FAQs about Microfiber Furniture

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  • What is microfiber made of?

    Polyester is the most common material used for making microfiber, but nylon is sometimes used as well. The properties that make microfiber such a great material for sofas, loveseats and chairs comes from the fibers being so small and tightly knit. This attribute helps to keep your microfiber furniture clean by not allowing dust or other allergens to sink through the fabric.

  • What is the difference between microfiber and microsuede?

    The difference between microfiber and microsuede is like the difference between a bird and a sparrow. Microfiber is a more general term referring to a material made of fibers smaller than 1 denier, which makes them thinner than silk. Microsuede is a type of microfiber designed to have qualities similar to suede.

  • Is microfiber furniture stain-proof?

    Not exactly. Microfiber furniture is stain-resistant, which means that when you spill something on your microfiber sofa, the tight-knit weave of microfiber causes any liquids to bead instead of immediately soaking into the fabric, giving you the chance to get some paper towels and clean up the spill before it can stain. This way you can prevent permanent stains on your sofa, loveseat or ottoman.

  • How do I clean microfiber furniture?

    Because microfiber furniture is stain-resistant, it tends to stay fairly clean. You will want to keep it free of crumbs and dust. A vacuum with a soft-brush attachment will do this job. Deep-cleaning your microfiber furniture is fairly simple but does require you to use a product designed specifically for cleaning microfiber, which you should be able to find at a furniture store. Avoid cleaning your microfiber furniture with just water. Even though water beads on microfiber furniture, too much water can waterlog your couch and leave water stains.

  • Are there differences in the construction of microfiber furniture and furniture using other fabrics?

    No. Microfiber furniture is constructed in essentially the same manner as leather or traditional fabric upholstered furniture.