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FAQs about Men's Shoes

by Staff Writer

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Whether you're shopping for men's shoes or simply trying to make the most of the best men's shoes you own, you might have concerns about caring for both men's casual shoes and men's dress shoes and looking great in men's leather shoes. Whatever your questions are, we have the answers and tips you need. Read on for frequently asked questions about men's shoes.

Questions about Men's Shoes:

  1. Can my shoes make me look taller?
    If you're looking for a little boost in height, men's leather shoes are the perfect place to find it. Men's dress shoes and men's boots with a little lift in the heel are a good place to start. If you'd rather just create the illusion of height, try wearing pants in the same color as your shoes and belt; the continuous color, especially with dressy men's black shoes, will make your legs look like they are longer.

  2. Is there anything I can do about squeaky shoes?
    You may have thought your shoe repairman was there just to add new soles to your men's designer shoes, but he can fix many other things, too: remove squeaks, repair scuffs and repair canvas, to name just a few. Whenever there's something wrong with an otherwise great pair of men's boots or shoes, be sure to check with your neighborhood cobbler. He can save you from throwing away your best men's shoes, and that can help the planet as well as your bank account.

  3. What color socks should I wear?
    Men's casual shoes can be worn with colorful or plain white socks, but your dress shoes, especially men's black shoes, have a few more rules. For a serious occasion, your socks should match the color of your pants, not the color of your shoes. Your men's designer shoes should be darker than your pants, so your socks will be a lighter shade than your shoes. If you're dressing up for a less serious occasion, choose your socks the same way you choose your necktie: Just make sure the colors in your socks are in your outfit, like in the stripes on your shirt.

  4. How do I make sure my shoes last?
    Use cedar shoe trees with your dress shoes to preserve their shape and clean your men's athletic shoes as soon as possible whenever you encounter mud or dirt. Polish dress shoes about once a month, and use leather conditioners on leather shoes to keep them soft. Switching to different shoes every other day is a good idea for your feet, and the break will allow perspiration in the shoes to dry, especially in men's athletic shoes. Repair heels in men's sandals and shoes as soon as possible, before the damage is irreparable.

  5. What can I do to look stylish in my shoes?
    A few tips can ensure that you look great all the time. First, make sure your dress shoes and your belt match or that they're at least close to the same color. You should also reserve boots for chilly weather, unless you're wearing dressy styles or riding a motorcycle. In addition, make sure your shoes are in proportion with your body: If you're tall, your shoes should have a longer toe box. If you're a big guy, your casual shoes will look best with a thicker sole. Avoid wearing flip-flops to formal occasions or to work, unless you have an ultra-relaxed dress code. If you'd like to go sock-less, be sure you only do it when you're wearing casual shoes, like men's sandals or soft loafers, and when the occasion is equally casual.

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