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FAQs about Mattress Sets

by Chandler Warnick

Queen mattress set with mattress and box springs

You spend a third of your life sleeping on a mattress, so choosing between different mattress sets is an important decision. Mattress set options have exploded in variety in the last decade with advances in both foam-mattress and innerspring-mattress technology, and you're more likely than ever before to find the perfect mattress set. However, if all the options make choosing a new mattress set seem confusing, you can make the process quick and easy by doing a little research about mattresses. Keep reading for answers to some common questions about mattress sets.

Questions about Mattress Sets:

  1. Which material should I choose for my mattress set?
    That will depend on preference. Traditional innerspring mattresses are very popular and still make the majority of buyers happy. However, latex foam mattress sets are becoming more popular for their feel and hypoallergenic properties; some are also 100 percent natural. Memory foam mattresses are gaining a huge following because of the unique support and comfort memory foam offers. If this is your first time buying a mattress set, it will pay to compare each material.

  2. Which firmness should I choose for my mattress set?
    Unless you have back issues that dictate a specific firmness, simply choose the firmness you prefer. Keep in mind that if you like the support of a firm mattress but want the cushion of a soft mattress, a quality pillow-top mattress can give you both. Also, if you and a companion have different preferences, consider buying two twin-mattress sets and pushing the beds together.

  3. Which size bed do I need?
    That depends on three things: the size of your room, your height and your sleeping habits. Room size is simple to accommodate; if your room is small, it will limit the size of the bed you can buy. As for the size of the sleeper, you typically want a mattress set that is six or eight inches longer than your height. If you're tall, long twin-mattress sets and California king mattress sets add a few inches to standard sizes. If you sleep alone and don't roll around much, you can get away with a twin-size mattress set, but if you're buying for two sleepers and one of you tosses and turns, you may need a king-size mattress set.

  4. Which mattress set is best for the back?
    Some claim that firm mattress sets are best for lower-back pain and softer mattress sets are best for upper-back pain, while others swear by memory foam mattress sets for all kinds of back pain. A great way to find out which mattress set will be best for you is to read user reviews. Often reviewers will describe their own back pain and explain how well a particular mattress set worked for them.

  5. Do I need to buy a mattress and box spring together?
    Not necessarily. Box springs do not wear out as quickly as mattresses and often work with one mattress as well as another, but don't automatically assume that you don't need a box spring. Check your current box spring for weak spots, because your fancy mattress will only be as supportive as the mattress foundation. Also, some mattress sets are designed specifically to be used together, and buying just the mattress can result in less-than-optimal performance.

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