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FAQs about Home Theater Projectors

by Paul Sanders

Light shining from a home theater projector

Watching movies in your own, dedicated home theater room can be immersive and satisfying. Home theater projectors produce superior picture quality that is tough to match. If you're building your own home cinema, you may have a few questions about projectors and their best features and advantages. Below are some frequently asked questions, with detailed answers, to help you get the facts on projector technology.

Questions about Projectors:

  1. What features should I look for in home theater projectors?
    The most important factors to consider when looking for projectors for your home theater are contrast ratio, resolution and aspect ratio. A large contrast ratio will mean more vibrant, accurate colors in the projected image. A 16:9 aspect ratio is ideal for projectors that will be playing movies and TV shows, allowing you to watch widescreen and standard format shows. And the higher resolution, the more pixels it will use and the more detailed your picture will be.

  2. How long do projector lamps last?
    The life span for projector lamps varies, but they last for 2,000 hours of average use. You can extend that life by properly maintaining the projector and filters, as well as allowing the unit to cool down after use. LED projectors use LEDs as a light source, which are much more durable than an incandescent bulb, use more environmentally friendly materials and do not lose brightness over time.

  3. Do projectors require special installation?
    Depending on where you want to locate your unit, you may need to run video cables, install a power outlet or secure a ceiling mount. It's also wise to place your projector in a protected, ventilated and dust-free enclosure to increase bulb life and protect it from bumps.

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