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FAQs about Exam Table Paper

by Staff Writer

Child sitting on an exam table at the doctor's office

Your medical office needs a variety of medical supplies to provide a sterile and comfortable environment for both your patients and your employees. If you are responsible for ordering supplies, then you know that exam table paper is something you need often. The answers to these frequently asked questions will help you buy just what you need.

Exam Table Paper Questions:

  1. How do I determine which width to order?
    Exam table paper is typically between about 18 and 30 inches wide. Smaller widths are better for pediatric clinics and day cares (for diaper changing areas). Wider widths are better for offices where adults are treated, as well as for tattoo parlors.

  2. How much paper do I need to order for a typical month?
    Estimate the amount of paper you'll need in a month by measuring the exam table's length and multiplying that by the average number of patients that visit your office each month. Divide that measurement by the length of a roll to get the number of rolls you will need.

  3. Should I choose crepe or smooth?
    Crepe paper is quieter and softer than smooth paper. The crepe texture can also prevent the paper from sliding on the table. However, these features can make crepe a bit more expensive. You'll need to evaluate whether your office needs more paper at a lower price or if the benefits of crepe paper are worth the extra cost associated with it.

  4. Are there any special features I should look for?
    Different types of "sizing," or chemical treatments, give the paper its stiff and waxy characteristics while still leaving it lightweight. Depending on the chemicals used, the manufacturing process can actually create paper that is resistant to microbes. Paper rolls that list special coatings or antimicrobial properties can prevent the growth of bacteria and protect the patient from microbes on the table surface.

  5. We use a lot of exam table paper. Is there an environmentally friendly option?
    The tissue paper that exam paper is made from is often manufactured from virgin wood pulp or recycled paper pulp. While virgin pulp gives a naturally lighter appearance to the paper, recycled exam paper can reduce your office's environmental impact.

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