FAQs About Electric Razors

FAQs About Electric Razors

Shaving has long been one of the more time-consuming parts of a man's morning routine. With the invention of more advanced razors, however, shaving has become less and less of a hassle. Today, electric shavers make the process much easier for a lot of men. Rotary and foil electric razors have made it simpler than ever for men to quickly shave and head out for the day.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the difference between rotary razors and foil razors?

Electric razors come in two traditional head styles: rotary and foil. Rotary razors have three rotating cutters that lift and cut hair. The head of a rotary shaver may also bend and flex to meet the contours of the face. Foil razors have one or two long, narrow heads that move back and forth behind a thin piece of metal known as the screen or the foil.


Are electric razors hard to clean?

Most electric shavers can be cleaned quickly and without any hassle. The easiest way to clean an electric razor is to remove the head and gently tap and brush the top to remove hair. You may also want to remove the housing and inspect each cutter from time to time to ensure they are not clogged with hair. Some models can be cleaned with running water when the razor is not plugged into the electrical outlet, and most come with a small brush that is to be used to get hair out of the nooks and crannies. Some electric razors are self-cleaning and are quickly cleaned inside the storage base.


How often should electric razor blades be replaced?

Replacement of the blades and cutters will vary depending on the model of razor you have; the manufacturer’s manual will usually specify how often you need to change the blades. Generally, it is a good idea to replace electric razor heads and cutters about once every 12 months. More frequent changing may be required if your hair is very thick or very course.


What features should I look for in an electric razor?

Most electric razors are similar in design, but not all have the same features. When purchasing an electric razor, look for a built-in trimmer to cut longer hairs. The majority of razors have these trimmers integrated into the handle or head. You simply flip a switch or push a button, and the trimmer pops out. These trimmers work well for clipping stray hairs or fixing sideburns. You can also choose between razors that are rechargeable and those that run on batteries. Some electric razors can be used with water and shaving cream, and the self-cleaning option is always a popular electric razor feature.