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FAQs about Digital Camcorders

by Amy Jorgensen

Digital Camcorder

If you're looking at digital camcorders, you've probably already had some ideas about how you'd use one. Record your child's first steps, first words and birthday parties. Make videos of sporting events, family vacations and gatherings. Besides using your digital camcorder to record family memories, you can even produce high-quality amateur films and videos. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions to help you decide the best camcorder for the filming activities you have in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the different recording media used by camcorders?
    Digital camcorders use several different media to record video. MiniDV format uses magnetic tape cassettes. Mini-DVD uses smaller versions of traditional DVD-ROM discs. Hard discs, flash drives, and SD cards are all re-recordable formats. These different media store the footage you record. Most digital camcorder models can connect directly to computers and upload your video.

  2. Should I buy a high definition digital camcorder?
    Some digital camcorders promise to record footage in high definition. High-definition images are impressive compared to standard definition footage. High-definition video does take up a lot more memory, though. You'll need to consider if your computer and recording media have enough storage space to record the amount of footage you want. Also, not all computers and editing software can handle the extra demands of high definition footage. Check your system and video applications to ensure they work well with high-definition digital camcorders.

  3. How can I improve battery life for my camcorder?
    Not all batteries are created equal. You can buy a second high-capacity camcorder battery. That way you'll have longer battery life as well as a back-up battery, and you can stay charged when you're on the go.

  4. Is smaller always better?
    A compact digital camcorder can be convenient and stylish, but size isn't the most important feature. Think about how you want to use the digital camcorder most frequently, then look for the features you need. Look for camcorders with good battery life and picture quality. There are plenty of compact digital camcorders with great features.

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