FAQs About Copper Sink Care

FAQs About Copper Sink Care

FAQs About Copper Sink Care
The texture and shine of copper fixtures can add a classic look to your home. Copper sinks can be particularly beautiful when properly maintained. Thankfully, copper sinks aren't especially difficult to care for, but it is important to know a few things to avoid damaging the rich copper color and finish. These answers to frequently asked questions about copper sinks will show you how to care for copper fixtures.
FAQs About Copper Sink Care

Maintaining Copper Sinks:

How can a copper sink be damaged?

The actual copper in a vessel sink or hammered copper sink won’t be damaged through normal use or mild cleansers. What can be damaged is the patina or lacquer finish on the sink. Harsh chemicals, rough scrubbing-sponges, and stiff-bristle brushes can erode the finish on your copper bathroom sink. Do not use brass polish on a copper sink that has a finish. Acidic foods like lemons, pineapple, and mustard also wear at the finish, so be sure run water continuously when working with these foods in your kitchen sink.

How do I know my sink has a lacquer finish?

You can test to see whether copper sinks have a lacquer finish by dabbing a mixture of baking soda and vinegar onto an inconspicuous part of the sink. If the copper brightens immediately, there is no finish on your sink.

Which cleansers are safe to use on copper sinks?

A mild soap should be all you need to properly clean most copper sinks. Any harsh cleansers can affect the finish. When you’ve finished cleaning your sink, pat it dry with a soft cloth to prevent water spots. If you live in an area with hard water, you can prevent mineral deposits and spotting on your copper sink by applying a coat of wax to the surface. You can tell when it’s time to reapply the wax because your water will eventually stop beading on the surface.

How do I clean a copper sink without a finish?

You can use a brass polish on unfinished copper sinks, but you should rinse the sink thoroughly if you plan on washing food in the sink. Use a foaming polish or cleanser for detailed surfaces with textures or crevices. For regular cleaning, use a mild soap and pat dry with a soft cloth to avoid water spots. Do not use stiff brushes or sponges, which can scratch the surface of your copper sink.