FAQs About Comforter Sets

FAQs About Comforter Sets

Bed with a white comforter set
Finding the right bedding for your room can be time-consuming, but comforter sets make the process simple and inexpensive. As with any bedding purchase you make, asking a few important questions about bed comforter sets can help you make sure that a bed comforter set is what you want and help you find the set that's right for you. Keep reading for five FAQs about comforter sets.
Bed with a white comforter set

Are comforter sets expensive?

While buying a comforter set is more expensive than buying a single comforter, they are actually a very affordable way to decorate your room. When you buy the comforter, shams, bed skirt and throw pillows all together in a bedding set, you pay much less than you would if you bought them separately, and you also save time by finding matching pieces of bedding all in one place.


What type of filling is used in most comforter sets?

Comforter sets usually use a fluffy polyester loft in their comforters. While you may occasionally find a bedding set that features a down comforter, this is the exception. Many people who buy comforter sets periodically redecorate their bedroom, which makes an inexpensive but warm comforter set that uses polyester batting a more practical choice than an expensive down comforter.


Are comforter sets as high quality as bedding purchased separately?

Just like any other type of bedding, comforter sets vary in quality, and you get what you pay for. When you’re shopping for comforter sets, keep an eye on the product specifications, especially the materials, and also read some of the customer reviews. If there is ever a quality problem with a bedding set, the reviews will usually tell you so. That said, comforter sets are usually designed with aesthetics in mind more than durability. For many shoppers, that’s perfect: they want a simple, inexpensive way to give their bedroom a striking look. If quality of construction is your top priority, however, buying bedding items individually may be the right choice for you.


Should I get a comforter cover to go with my comforter set?

It’s up to you, but probably not. Comforter covers are usually used with down comforters in order to protect the comforter, which can’t be washed easily, and also to change their look because they’re often solid white and expensive. Comforter sets are much easier to clean than down comforters, meaning that it’s not as important to protect them; when you buy a comforter set, it’s usually because you like the specific look of that set. Many people who want to change the look of their bedroom simply buy a new comforter set, since they are relatively inexpensive.


What does a comforter set include?

Comforter sets offer a varying number of different items, but almost all comforter sets include a comforter and shams (pillow covers that match the look of the comforter); in addition, many comforter sets include a matching bed skirt and several matching throw pillows.