FAQs About Citizen Watches

FAQs About Citizen Watches

Citizen watches have been around since 1924, but in recent decades, the company has exploded with innovation. Citizen watches are known mainly for their ease of use; because they employ eco-drive technology, Citizen watches don't have batteries and don't need regular winding. Read on to learn more about Citizen watches.

Citizen eco-drive watches are durable and virtually maintenance-free. You will love the way your Citizen watch just works without much help from you. Some Citizen men’s and ladies watches also feature atomic timekeeping, which uses a radio signal to automatically update the watch with the correct time. Put your Citizen solar-powered watch on in the morning, go to work, grab drinks with co-workers that evening and head out on a road-trip early the next morning without worrying about your watch. You’ll quickly learn why Citizen eco-drive watches are distinguished among women’s and men’s watches around the world.

Common Questions about Citizen Watches:

What is special about a Citizen eco-drive watch?

Citizen eco-drive watches make your life easy and help save the environment. A solar-powered watch doesn’t need a battery; it stores energy that it gathers from the sun. Many Citizen eco-drive watches also feature atomic timekeeping, which means you never have to set the time or worry about your Citizen’s accuracy. Citizen also offers a wide range of stylish men’s and ladies watches; Citizen Watches are efficient accessories.

Do all Citizen watches employ eco-drive technology?

Each new watch from Citizen proudly uses eco-drive. Some older models may not have eco-drive technology, and some antique women’s and men’s watches may not employ eco-drive. Check descriptions carefully when you are purchasing Citizen watches.

When was eco-drive first used in Citizen watches?

Citizen eco-drive watches hit the market in 1995. Citizen’s solar-powered women’s and men’s watches were very innovative, and it took several years for the watches to become popular. Today, most people know that Citizen is the place to go for a solar-powered watch, and most watch enthusiasts covet Citizen timepieces.

How does a Citizen solar-powered watch work?

Citizen eco-drive watches work just like other solar-powered devices. Each watch contains a titanium battery, a silicon solar cell and a solar panel. Light is collected by the solar panel and converted into energy in the solar cell. The energy is stored in the titanium battery, where it can last for months or even years without additional charging.

Can I find a Citizen watch that will match my style?

Definitely! Citizen is proud to offer a wide range of watch styles for both men and women. Classic watches made of stainless steel offer a sleek aesthetic, while masculine watches with leather watch straps have a vintage vibe. Some Citizen watches feature a two-tone style with both gold and silver accents. Select a Citizen watch that will go with everything in your closet.