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FAQs about Cheap Laptops

by Paul Sanders

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As a price-conscious electronics shopper, you may be searching for deals on cheap laptops. The key to finding great value in a cheap computer is in evaluating the differences in quality between cheap laptops in comparison to new laptops. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about cheap laptops to help you shop smarter for the perfect deal.

Understanding Cheap Laptops:

  1. Why are cheap laptops discounted?
    Lots of cheap computers are sold as part of a promotion or in holiday sales. Many retailers and manufacturers discount computers because they're making room for new inventory and need to liquidate their current stock. Sometimes, a laptop computer is returned by a customer because he wasn't satisfied with it or there was an error in his order. Many of these computers are resold as refurbished laptops.

  2. What constitutes "refurbishing" for cheap laptops?
    Refurbished laptops have usually been returned within 30 days of purchase by the customer. The hard drive is wiped or replaced, along with any other components the company feels necessary. The laptops go through testing to make sure that they work properly and are then sold and labeled as "refurbished" by law.

  3. What should I look for in a cheap laptop?
    Check all of the features you would want in a standard laptop, but compare technical specifications to be sure you're getting the components you need. Some discount laptops have less RAM, a smaller hard drive or a slower CPU. If those features match your requirements at a good price, then you've found a good deal.

  4. Are cheap laptops less durable?
    No more so than other computers. A cheap laptop may have less installed memory or a smaller screen, but the materials are the same as other computers the manufacturer makes. If you find a discount laptop from a company you trust, you can rely on it being as durable as others from that company.

  5. Do refurbished and cheap laptops come with a warranty?
    Not always. The warranty usually depends on the retailer selling the item. The terms of a manufacturer's warranty are defined by each manufacturer individually. You may be able to purchase an extended warranty for your laptop computer from the seller at the time of purchase.

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