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FAQs about CD Cases

by Paul Sanders

CDs stored in a black leather CD case

If you're a music enthusiast, you may have a sizeable collection of CDs. All of your CDs and DVDs need to be properly stored to stay playable and scratch-free. But all of those CD jewel cases can take up a lot of space on your shelves. It's much more convenient and compact to keep them in CD cases. Here are some frequently asked questions to use as a guide for selecting CD case to hold your music collection.

Questions about CD Cases:

  1. What types of CD cases can I use?
    CD cases vary widely in size, capacity and materials. Large CD cases can hold as many as four discs per page, front and back, and often have 25 pages or more. Smaller CD wallets will hold 10 to 20 discs and are easily portable. Large cases take up less space than the individual CD cases, but the individual cases are best for long-term CD storage or DVD storage at home.

  2. Which CD cases are ideal for my car?
    A small CD wallet can easily fit in your glove box. Or you can use a CD sleeve that clips to your sun visor. You can easily see up to a dozen CDs without flipping pages. Slip one out of the CD case and into your stereo and you're ready to go. A CD case that is thin enough to slip under a seat or into a center console will work great in any vehicle. Just be sure that it's out of sight when you leave your car. Thieves often look for belongings left in plain view on car seats.

  3. Will certain CD cases scratch my CDs?
    CD cases are typically made from non-abrasive plastic or cloth. You're more likely to scratch your discs by rubbing them on your clothes, which is never a good idea.

  4. Should I leave my CD case in my car?
    Probably not. The temperature in a car can reach 150 degrees in the summer. And extreme heat or cold can speed up degradation of your discs, especially custom discs you've burned yourself. Take your CD case inside when you arrive at work or at home. It will help your music collection last.

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