FAQs about California King Mattresses

California king mattress
When you are shopping for a mattress, you have a lot of choices to make, and the size is one of the most important. Since the 1960s, you've had one more choice: the California king. If you have questions about this size of mattress, you aren't alone. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about California King mattresses.

California king mattress

FAQs about California Kings:


How big is a California king mattress?

This mattress is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. These beds are perfect for singles and couples alike. If two people are sharing this bed, that gives each person 36 inches.


Is a California king larger than a regular king?

A California king is 4 inches longer, but it is also 4 inches narrower. It’s meant for people who are taller than average, but if you need more width than length, a regular king mattress may be better for you.


What are Western king and Eastern king mattresses?

A Western king is just another name for California king, and Eastern king is another name for a standard king. You may see either name used when you are online shopping for mattresses.


Can I use regular king sheets on a California king mattress?

No, these sheets are not interchangeable. The extra four inches of length would make it difficult to put on the regular king sheets. Similarly, you couldn’t use California king sheets on a regular king mattress because of the width. If you decide to get a California king mattress, you’ll need to also buy California king bedding.


Do you use a box spring with a California king?

The vast size of the California king mattress requires a box spring for proper support. These usually come in a set of two, and each of the box-spring mattresses is slightly thinner than a twin-size box spring; these will keep your large bed from sinking in the middle over time. With two separate box springs instead of one giant box spring, it’s also easier to transport your bed, whether you’re moving to another house or merely rearranging your furniture.

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