FAQs About Box Spring Mattresses

FAQs About Box Spring Mattresses

FAQs About Box Spring Mattresses
Box spring mattresses have been used for decades and are both extremely comfortable and very durable. While new advances in bedding, such as memory foam and adjustable models, require no box spring, the durability of a box spring mattress is beyond compare. Box spring mattresses can last for years and are among the least expensive bedding options around. Look below to learn answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about box spring mattresses.
FAQs About Box Spring Mattresses

Questions About Box Springs:


Why do I need a box spring?

Box springs provide both height and rigidity to your mattress. With larger mattresses, where partners typically sleep in the same position, a box spring is essential to keep a mattress level year after year. The height gained by using a box spring mattress makes it much easier to get in and out of bed, and box springs themselves are designed so that the mattresses won’t wear out after just a few years of use. Box springs absorb the impact transmitted through mattresses from rough handling and use.


What is a box spring?

A box spring is a set of strong, coiled springs that are shrouded in cloth or synthetic fabric. Box springs are typically lightweight, but they are very sturdy. Box springs provide an extra layer of cushioning between the mattress and floor, leading to less damage to both the bed and the underlying flooring.


Is there a difference between a box spring and a bed base?

No. A box spring and a bed base are the same thing. Although most box springs are made using metal springs, some are constructed using rigid foam or other supports. Both box springs and bed bases work the same way, and the terms are interchangeable.


How big should a box spring be?

While a box spring should be the same width and length of your mattress, the actual thickness of the box spring matters very little. The thickness of a box spring can be determined by your preference. The amount of support provided is the same, regardless of the thickness of the box spring. A thicker box spring may be more desirable for aesthetic reasons, but thinner box springs are easier to maneuver and can be more easily moved for cleaning.