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FAQs about Bike Racks

by Staff Writer

Bike rack on top of an SUV

Whether you store your bikes in or out of doors, or simply want to go cycling on the road, a good bike rack can make all the difference. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about bike racks and storage to help you decide on the right one for your home or vehicle.

Questions about Bike Racks:

  1. Can I use a bike rack for a compact car?
    Most bike racks will work with any size car. If your car has roof rails, a rooftop bike rack will be perfect. It's more convenient than a trunk-mounted bike rack for everyday use, which are usually strap-mounted racks that make accessing your trunk more difficult. If you're compact happens to have a hitch mount, you might be even better off with a hitch-mount bike rack.

  2. I want to keep my bike rack outside. How do I keep it secure?
    An outdoor bike rack needs to be either too heavy to move practically or secured to a large stationary object. As long as your bike rack is in a well-lit area, and is too heavy to carry off with one or two bikes attached, it should remain relatively secure. Still, the best way to keep your bikes and bicycle rack safe is to keep it indoors.

  3. Which bike rack type is least likely to scratch my car?
    While it may be more difficult to get your bike on and off, a roof rack provides the most security for your car. A rack mounted on the roof generally features rails that the bike sits on, which means the bike is actually strapped to the rails rather than your vehicle. A hitch-mount bike rack also has minimal contact with your car. Depending on your vehicle, a bumper bike rack may work fine as well.

  4. I don't have a lot of space in my apartment. What type of bike racks will help me?
    Wall-mounted bike rack hooks or door-mounted bike racks are ideal for apartment dwellers. Just hang your bike on the back of a door or in an open corner. It's all about using your space wisely.

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