Frequently Asked Questions About Bath Mats

Frequently Asked Questions About Bath Mats

Adding a bath mat to your bathroom is an easy way to work simplicity and comfort into your morning routine. Rubber or plush, you can choose from a variety of quick-drying bath mats that will keep you from slipping and dripping all over your floor. Read on to answer all your questions about bath mats and ensure you get just what you need.

What is a bath mat?

Modern bathroom with grey bath mat and shelves

A bath mat is an absorbent floor covering that’s meant for catching splashes, spills, and drips in your bathroom. There’s also rubber bath mats, which you keep on the floor of your shower or tub, or just outside of it, to prevent slipping. Fabric bath mats are more like soft landing pads you step onto after bathing. They have more in common with bath rugs. If you’re looking for details on bath rugs, read our product comparison in Bath Rugs vs. Bath Mats.

Are bath mats sanitary?

Trellis pattern bath mat in front of vanity

Yes, if you take steps to keep them clean and bacteria free. If a daily deluge rains upon your bath mat with little time to dry, the mat will quickly become a hotspot for mildew and more. To prevent saturating your bath mat with water, hang a towel or robe within easy reach so you can start drying off before you step out of the shower. Turning on the bathroom fan while you bathe will also help to ventilate the space.

Avoiding the foot fungus and odors caused by bathroom bacteria calls for a bath mat that can take a regular tumble through the washer and dryer or a wood or bamboo mat that’s more resistant to mold. Bath mats tend to come in matching pairs, so to keep your bath mats sanitary, you can switch them out while one is in the wash.

Can you wash bath mats?

Assortment of washable bath mats

Yes, bath mats are washable. You should wash bath mats every other week in a single-person household and at least once a week if you have multiple family members. Always reference the cleaning instructions that come with your bath mat. You can sort our bath mats by cleaning method to find one that suits your lifestyle.

You’ll also want to check your bath mat’s product description for its backing type. A thin rubbery backing can end up flaking away after a few washes, so make sure you’re using a cleaning method that won’t wear out your mat prematurely.

How do you wash a fabric bath mat?

White/yellow diamond pattern bath mat

Run the washer on a delicate cycle with hot water that will kill any existing bacteria in the mat’s fibers. If there’s oily residue from bath products, use a combination of detergent and white vinegar to remove stains. This also works with hand washing, which is a gentler cleaning alternative for longer-lasting fabric fibers. For added protection, throw soft towels into the dryer with the mat for a little cushion. For a fabric bath mat, you’ll want a material like cotton or nylon that won’t form balls of fluff as the mat flies through machines.

What is the best bath mat?

Slatted wood bath mat

A memory foam bath mat is spongy in all the right ways, beading off water and pampering your feet with a soft landing pad. It will hold up through every family member’s daily shower. The sleek wooden or bamboo bath mats of modern spas are stylish options but should be treated with a waterproof sealant before use.

Silk or coarse materials, such as jute, never make great bath mats, especially if your kids like to make big splashes in the tub. These materials tend to shrink from moisture and are better suited for dry environments.