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FAQs About Air Beds

FAQs About Air Beds

a blue and white air mattress
a blue and white air mattress

Extra furniture like air beds can really come in handy when unexpected guests arrive. Having extra air beds on hand is a smart move for any homeowner. They don’t have to be just for guests; you can use them yourself when camping or moving. Air mattresses are convenient and easy to use, and taking care of them is straightforward and simple. Keep reading below for answers to frequently asked questions about air beds.

Questions about Air Beds:

How do I fill up air beds?

The days of filling up air beds manually are long gone. Today, most air beds come with manually operated or electric air bed pumps. Instead of blowing your air mattress up yourself, just attach the pump to the air bed’s valve and watch your air mattress inflate before your eyes.

How often do I need to fill up my air beds?

You should only fill up your air bed mattress when you’re getting ready to use it. It doesn’t need to stay inflated forever. If you find that there is some air leakage, then top off your air bed with the air bed pump again when needed.

Why won’t my air beds stay inflated?

A little air leak now and then is normal in even the best air beds. However, if you find that your air beds significantly deflate in the night, then you’ll need to inspect the air bed mattress for holes or ripped seams. Sometimes the culprit is a loose cap on your air valve. If that’s the case, simply fill your queen air bed back up and make sure that the cap is securely fastened before you use your air bed again.

How do I repair my air beds?

Listen for leaks when you fill your queen air beds up with air and locate the source of the hissing. Most stores sell patches for your air bed that will take care of holes. Duct tape will work as a temporary solution. If you can’t find the source of the leak by just listening for it, fill up a bathtub or kiddie pool and put your air bed mattress in the water. Make sure water won’t ruin the fabric or plastic of your air bed before trying this. Watch for air bubbles in the water and locate the hole that way.

How do I deflate my air beds?

Some air bed pumps also suck air out in addition to inflating your bed. Check and see if your air pump comes with a deflate setting; this setting is particularly handy for camping when you want to strike camp quickly. If your pump does not have that feature, you will have to deflate your air bed manually. Unscrew or unsnap the cap of the mattress’s air valve first and listen for escaping air. Next, remove your shoes and walk up and down the length of the air bed. Once you’ve done that a few times, you can start rolling your air bed from the end opposite the air valve to help the remaining air escape. When you have completely rolled up the camping air bed, use a cord or the bed’s bag to keep it in that condensed shape.

How do I take care of my air beds?

Taking care of an air bed is easy. After you’ve deflated your bed, simply roll it back up and store it in its box or bag. Keep the box in a safe spot where it will stay protected from extreme heat, cold and water. Make sure you keep all sharp objects away from your air beds as sharp objects can puncture the air mattress and ruin it. If you follow all these steps, you’re sure to have the best air bed for you that will remain functional years to come.