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FAQs about Accent Tables

FAQs about Accent Tables

accent table on wheels with a typewriter on top
It's a common misconception that you need a lamp or a piece of art to complete a room. While those are both good choices, the same function can be filled with an elegant end table. Convenient, functional and at least semi-portable, living room accent tables are quickly becoming the accessory of choice in all types of homes. The right accent table can complement any style and provide an added storage area in even the smallest of spaces. Keep reading for the answers to frequently asked questions about accent tables.
accent table on wheels with a typewriter on top

Questions about Accent Tables:


What’s the difference between a coffee table, end table and console table?

There are many styles of accent tables, so there’s one out there for every decor. The most common style is an end table, or one that’s couch height and small enough to tuck into the space at the end of your sofa. End tables are ideal for setting down a drink or a book when you get up to get a snack. Also popular are coffee tables and console tables. Coffee tables are lower to the ground than end tables and are designed to sit in front of a couch or chair. They’re the perfect place to leave the remote so you can find it again later. Console tables, also known as hall accent tables, are long and thin, designed to fit between a couch and the wall or in a narrow entry by a door. These can be used to hold decorative vases, pictures, purses, mail or keys.


What finishes and materials can I choose from?

Accent tables come in every finish imaginable, but the most common materials are wood, metal and glass. A wooden accent table can come in any color of wood stain. Choose from black, mahogany, espresso, blonde, oak, walnut and more. Glass accent tables are rarely solid glass, they’re often paired with chrome or steel for a sleek, modern look. Metal accent tables are available in a variety of finishes, everything from brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and chrome to matte black. For even more choices, consider furniture that’s a combination of materials.


Do accent tables come in different shapes?

Accent tables can be classified into three basic shapes: round, square and abstract, with infinite variations available. The basic round shape can be stretched into an oval and the traditional square can be turned into a rectangle. For those of you who are more adventurous, there are wavy tables, novelty tables, stacked tables and squiggle tables. Take a minute to explore the options!


What’s needed for assembly?

Many accent tables can be assembled using a common household tool like a screwdriver (take a look before you begin to see if you need a Phillips or a flat-head). If you’ve chosen an oversize table, it might be handy to have a helper hold the table in place while you screw it together. A drop cloth or tarp underneath your work area will make clean-up easy and help protect your floor from damage.


What accessories do I need?

Once you’ve chosen your accent table, you’re ready to finish accessorizing your home. Use your table to show off your favorite things or to set the mood. A collection of coffee table books can entertain guests, and a unique sculpture might lead to a discussion of your favorite travel destination. Artfully framed photos can showcase your fun family. Leaving the table empty is also an option if you prefer a clean, simple look.