Cozy and Stylish Fall Decorating Ideas

Cozy and Stylish Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall Decorating Ideas
Looking to quickly dress your home for fall? The key to fall decorating is pairing cozy furnishings with the warm colors and patterns of nature's splendor. If you're ready for an autumnal refresh, keep reading to learn how you can bring the beauty and comfort of fall decor into your home this year.

Mix in Rustic Accents for a Homespun Feel

Make Your Decor More Rustic

bRustic style is perfect for capturing harvest themes. To get the look, use cast iron, jute fibers, and authentic leather to convey the feeling of a farmhouse estate. Natural wood decorations are also essential for rustic fall ambiance. Start with small touches like coasters, lanterns, and antiqued picture frames. For a bigger impact, slide a long bench into the entryway for pulling off your cold-weather boots or kick back in a rocking chair and sip some cider on the porch. To consider more homey accessories for your fall decorating, read our guide to Rustic Furniture and Decor Ideas.


Welcome the Fall Season With Earthy Colors

Embrace a Fall Color Palette

For a fall color palette, take your cues from the changing leaves. Fall decor calls for intense shades of rusty orange, buttercup yellow, cranberry red, and tawny or chestnut brown. If you want to try something fresher, you can energize your autumn palette by adding hearty purples and greens. From plastic pumpkins to wreaths of berries, vibrant harvest decorations can bring fall’s farming roots into your home.

Underneath all these showy colors, a healthy base of creamy neutrals will soften the mood and help the seasonal shades stand out. Drapes, bedding, or sheepskin rugs are perfect for bringing in those muted tones. Simply swap them in when you’re decorating for fall or use them as a base year-round.


Bring in Nature for Woodsy Cabin Vibes

Bring in Natural Fall Decor

Fall decor aims to evoke the essence of nature in your home, and the best way to do that is to literally bring the outdoors in. Take a hike, go for a walk in the park, or just spend an hour in your backyard enjoying the sights and smells of the season. While you’re out, gather fallen leaves, flowers, pinecones, and leafy branches. These natural elements can be used in vases, bowls, baskets, and crates as fall decor throughout your home. You can also accent a coffee table, console, or corner with an arrangement of logs. For more DIY fall decor ideas, read our guide to Decorating for Fall on a Budget.


Integrate Metallic Objects for a Rich Patina

Integrate Metallic Accents

You can add some sparkle to your heady colors and rustic furnishings by introducing metallic decor accents. Polished gold and brass add glamour to an autumn palette, while copper reflects warmth. Bring your decor to life by placing lustrous candlesticks and shiny ornaments on tables, shelves, and counters around your home. Galvanized steel and dull iron can complement an established rustic style, so use storage bins, pitchers, or an umbrella stand made of these materials for functional fall decor.


Fill Your Home with Fall Scents

Fill Your Home with Fall Seasonal Scents

Corn stalks and hay bales. Toasted marshmallows and roasted pecans in the alpine air. Use seasonal scents to inspire pleasant memories of autumns gone by. Cinnamon, chai, cranberry, and pumpkin spice are all marvelous harvest aromas that can create the ideal fall atmosphere in your home. With candles and incense, you can fill every room with these festive fragrances from September ‘til December. If you want your candles to accent your other fall decor, you can remove their labels and dress them up with fall-colored bows or put them in gorgeous candle holders.


Add Charm With Thick Throws and Patterned Pillows

Add Fall-Colored Pillows and Throws

Because the air starts to grow cold in fall, it’s a great time to add fleecy blankets and snug throw pillows to your furniture. Plaid, buffalo check, gingham, and houndstooth are down-home patterns that make your space feel more autumnal and inviting. Bring them in through textiles for subtle seasonal allure. For more literal interpretations, choose fall-themed pillows that feature images of leaves, turkeys, and pumpkins. To give your guests a blast of autumn cheer the second they step into your home, load up your sofa or a wooden ladder with throw blankets made of chenille, wool, flannel, and cashmere.


Use Fake Plants for a Harvest-Themed Mantel Display

Create a Fall Display for Your Mantel

As it gets cold outside, you and your guests may feel inclined to gather around your fireplace for warmth. Use fun and stylish fall flora to make it a beautiful seasonal display. Dress your mantle with leafy garlands, decorative gourds, and anything else that fits the season. While live plants, like pumpkins and orange flowers, are indispensable to fall decor, they’re only beautiful for one season and need to be purchased again each year. With silk, plastic, and glass alternatives, you can dress your home every fall without buying new decor. For more inspiration to decorate your mantel for fall, check out this guide.


Create a Festive Centerpiece for a Fall Tablescape

Use a Fall Centerpiece at Your Dinner Table

After you’ve outfitted your seating with seasonal slipcovers and cushions, set the mood for pleasant gatherings with a fall-themed centerpiece on your dinner table. Whether it’s a beautiful arrangement of orange flowers or a cornucopia filled with apples, a handsome centerpiece can provide the finishing touch to your autumn decor. Choose woven runners or tablecloths and placemats with printed pumpkin patterns to enjoy festive accents in your dining area. To get your dinner table ready for the holidays, read more fall tablescape tips in How to Set a Table for Thanksgiving.

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