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Pantone is a company whose business it is to know everything about color. They are widely considered the global authority not only on color but on matching colors as well. Their primary product is the Pantone Matching System, which is focused around their instantly recognizable color swatch booklets. Pantone's patented color-matching system has standardized how colors are represented in many industries, removing subjectivity and eliminating product variation. Paints, cosmetics, graphic arts, fashion, home decor and design, and digital technology have all benefited from Pantone.

About Pantone Colors:

  1. Matching System: The Pantone Matching System, or PMS, was established as a way to standardize and communicate color for replication using a fan-style booklet of color swatches. Designers today use the PMS color guide booklet for graphic arts, fashion, home design, and any other industry where color needs to be clearly communicated and matched.

  2. Goe System: In 2007, Pantone introduced a system for matching screen colors based on a red, green, blue computer-screen system. With the Goe System, Pantone released over 2,000 new colors and geared it primarily toward graphic designers who work with computer and web-based designs. The system includes a color guide, adhesive color chips, and computer software.

  3. Color of the Year: Each year, Pantone chooses a color of the year, and its selection takes into account several factors, including input from players in the color industries and global social trends and moods. Since 2000, Pantone has chosen colors like Aqua Sky, Chili Pepper, and Honeysuckle to represent the zeitgeist.

  4. Color Report: Inspired by spring and fall fashion weeks, Pantone releases a fashion color report twice a year. It focuses on colors from the Pantone Matching System that have become the most prominent and influential colors from the fashion industry for each season. The colors are then released in a color report for fashion and home decor.

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