Everything You Need to Know About Office Chairs

Everything You Need to Know About Office Chairs

Choosing the perfect office chair for your workday calls for careful attention to your space, your schedule, and your work style. However long and busy the day, the right chair helps keep you comfortable, focused, and maybe even inspired. Read through the selections below to learn the best options for a quick office upgrade.


Small, Medium, and Large: Trying Your Desk Chair on for Size

When you’re absorbed in a presentation or fielding Zoom calls, size does matter. Office chair dimensions can make all the difference in your comfort and confidence, whether you need to stretch out in a roomy executive chair or accommodate multiple users with adjustable height office chairs. A small office chair complements corner desks and shared workspaces, giving you full functionality that doesn’t feel crowded. Choose an office stool or armless chair for comfort in compact spaces. If you have room to spare, then big and tall chairs are a stable, supportive seating option, offering extra padding and a reinforced frame to accommodate people weighing 300 pounds or more. Change it up with adjustable chairs, which alter their size with easy-to-use controls.


For body-specific recommendations, check our Office Chair Sizing Guide.


Working Comfortably: Chair Ergonomics and Structure

Customize your chair for a seat that seamlessly complements your work style. A little extra comfort helps you keep your concentration through demanding tasks, and headrests, leg rests, and even reclining office chairs are ready to help you settle in for the work day. Office chair arm pads let you rest your arms at a comfortable height for text or graphics work. Streamline a small workspace with the compact footprint of an armless office chair. For a home office, consider a swivel chair or an office chair with wheels, so you can zip between printer, monitor, and phone with ease. Keep your joints and muscles in line with ergonomic positioning from adjustable arms and lumbar support.


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Decor Solutions: Customize Your Office Style

Feeling like another cog in the machine? Personalize your workspace with a desk chair that’s just right for you. An executive chair evokes power and professionalism with elements like tufted cushions and exposed wood details, and its tall back and extra padding keeps you comfortable throughout your workday. Perfect for in-office meetings or coaxing clients into your creative business, modern office chairs feature low-slung, inviting silhouettes and a hint of retro flair. Pair a colorfully upholstered stool or vintage office chair with bright mesh organizers to get a casually coordinated vibe, or create a tranquil zone with the subtle earth tones and wooden elements of Scandinavian office chairs.


Consider the Top 5 Office Chairs Styles for design inspiration.


Gaming Chairs: Rest and Relaxation

Even the most dedicated worker needs a little break for play time. Wheel a gaming chair up to your desk for a setup that’s just right for strategy or sniping. Typically modeled on automotive bucket seats, gaming chairs curve around your body to offer a relaxing lean and comfortable fit. Their wheeled or sliding bases offer a little extra movement to keep you balanced when the game gets exciting. Some gaming chairs provide pockets to keep snacks, devices, or controllers at your fingertips, and others bring you into the thick of the action with vibration and surround sound. Intense colors and attention-grabbing details make gaming chairs perfect for teens and remote students as well, and their movable bases can help wiggly children maintain their focus. For online schooling, consider a lightweight kids’ desk chair with adjustable height to keep up with your student’s growth, or look into an armless chair that’s easy to fit under a loft or in front of a corner desk.


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Upholstery: Creating Your Comfort Zone

When you want comfort, start with the fundamentals and look at your chair’s materials. Sturdy and simple, fabric office chairs provide easy care and a breathable texture. As a bonus, fabric upholstery offers a range of prints and colors that make it easy to personalize your space. A leather office chair combines its refined, opulent vibe with lasting sturdiness, and faux leather upholstery delivers a similar refined look with a lower price point. Both leather and faux leather upholstery are easy to clean, making them the perfect choice for a busy office or a workspace with pets and kids. For a long day’s work with PowerPoint or a stubborn compiler, check out a mesh office chair. Mesh chairs’ breezy backs enhance air flow as you work, keeping you cool and comfortable.


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Price Points: Decorating on a Budget

Buying an office chair online gives you access to the best office chair deals. Pricing ranges from affordable everyday office chairs under $150 to high-end options for larger budgets. When you order from Overstock, you get free shipping on furniture to keep the total costs lower. Get quality office chairs delivered to your door for free without leaving your home, so you can get to work with a support, ergonomic office seat. Sort by price if you have a set budget to find the chair options that work for you. From there, you can compare the features of the chairs in your price range to find the perfect fit.


See How to Find Comfortable Inexpensive Office Chairs for savvy shopping tips.


Office Chair Mats

An office chair mat is a simple and affordable addition to your office setup that can add big benefits. A chair mat can prevent premature wear and damage in carpets, from snags to impressions in the fibers. It also protects hardwood and laminate flooring from scratches. An office chair carpet protector makes it easier to wheel your chair around the office floor. With a plastic or vinyl floor mat, you can smoothly pull your chair in and out or over to file drawers, bookshelves, or another work area.


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Now that you know how to find the perfect office chair, shop for it on Overstock.com to get free shipping* included with your order. Decking out your whole home office? Visit our Home Office Furniture Ideas to round out the room.

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