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Everything You Need to Know About Daybed Bedding

Everything You Need to Know About Daybed Bedding

Green and blue daybed bedding
If your home is short on space, a daybed is the perfect solution. Daybed bedding can help turn your daybed into a fully functional piece of furniture that serves as both a couch and an extra bed. Choose a cozy daybed cover and add accent pillows for a comfortable sitting area that complements your home perfectly. If you want to find out how to transform your daybed into a stylish option for both day and night, keep reading to learn Everything You Need to Know about Daybed Bedding.
Green and blue daybed bedding

Daybed Bedding Facts:


Daybed Basics

A daybed set is generally comprised of a daybed cover, a bedskirt and pillow shams. Often, a daybed ensemble will include euro shams, since the large square pillows look good propped up against the wall in place of standard couch cushions. Some daybed sets may also include accent pillows for easy decorating.


Daybed Bedding vs. Standard Bedding

A daybed bedding ensemble is different from standard bedding sets because of its construction. The daybed cover can be a quilt or comforter and generally has more structure than standard bedding, so it fits the daybed like a glove. Daybed covers usually have slits on either side to make it easier to fit around the daybed frame. Like standard bedskirts, daybed bedskirts only have fabric on three sides. However, unlike regular bedskirts, these are made to cover the head, side and foot of your box spring since those are the sides people typically see when you own a daybed. Some daybed bedding features special pleating that will allow your daybed set to lie flat.


Styling Your Daybed Ensemble

Daybed bedding comes in one standard size that will fit most daybeds, but it also comes in a wide variety of styles for personalizing your bed. Daybed quilt sets come with patchwork or solid quilts and can add country charm to your guest bedroom. If you’re looking for a more contemporary style, choose a daybed comforter set that comes in a sophisticated print and features a down alternative comforter with mixed pattern pillow shams. If you prefer to accessorize on your own, daybed covers are also sold separately and allow for easy decorating.