Everything You Need to Know About Coach Watches

Everything You Need to Know About Coach Watches

Everything You Need to Know About Coach Watches
Coach watches blend the best parts of a luxury handbag with the timeless functionality of a wristwatch, for a stylish accessory that will complement any outfit. Coach watches build on the classic American brand with trendy timepieces made to add dimension to any ensemble. Whether you're looking for a men's Coach watch or a women's Coach watch, check out the guide below to learn everything you need to know about Coach watches.
Everything You Need to Know About Coach Watches

All About Coach Watches:

Coach was founded in 1941 as a handbag and leather goods company.

Started in the heart of Manhattan, Coach made a name for itself by using sturdy leather during a time when other brands were making bags out of leather pasted onto cardboard material. Today, Coach uses the same quality materials and craftsmanship for all purses and accessories.

Coach began producing watches in 1997.

After licensing the name to a trusted watch company, Movado watches, Coach began selling timepieces that provided a luxurious accessory to accompany their signature handbags. The accessory line was so popular that Coach has since expanded the line to be sold in all Coach stores. Continued growth of the watch line means Coach is constantly rolling out unique styles.

Coach watches mirror details found on Coach handbags.

Coach watches often use the same iconic charms that first made the brand stand out. When fashion director Bonnie Cashin joined Coach in 1962, she introduced the trademark silver toggle that can be seen on a variety of Coach watches — making them easily identifiable as an authentic designer item.

Coach has watch styles for men and women.

Although they specialize in women’s handbags, Coach watches come in a variety of styles for either gender. Coach bags are known for their bright colors and whimsical design, and women’s Coach watches are no exception. For men, Coach has designed masculine luxury men’s watches made to fit your distinctive lifestyle.

Since it began, Coach has continuously grown and expanded overseas.

Once a humble shop in New York City, Coach is now a publicly traded company with flagship stores worldwide. Currently, Coach is trying to make its presence known in the accessory world and has future plans to continue expanding production of fine luxury watches.