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Essential Cat Supplies for New Cat Owners


Bringing home a new cat is exciting, and you'll want to have all the supplies you need when you introduce your kitty to his new home. From food to beds, litter boxes to toys, a number of cat products will help keep your kitty happy and healthy in your home. This list of essential cat supplies can help you determine what you need to buy before adopting your new furry friend.

Essential Cat Supplies:

  1. Food dishes: The fastest way to make a new kitty feel at ease in his new home is to give him cat food. This establishes your home as a place he knows he can get food. Make sure to purchase food and water dishes for your new cat, as well as cat food and cat treats. Cat treats help build a relationship of trust between cat and owner, and treats can be used as rewards while you're training your new kitty.

  2. Litter box: Most cats learn how to use a litter box from their mothers, and their natural instinct to dig and bury makes litter boxes filled with clean cat litter the best place for them to potty. You can buy open, enclosed, or even self-cleaning litter boxes, depending on what works best for you and your cat. Look for other cat supplies, too, like litter and litter scoops, to keep things clean and tidy for your cat.

  3. Cat furniture: Make your new kitty feel at home with cat furniture. A cat condo gives him a cozy place to curl up for a nap as well as a fun place to explore and scratch. A cat tree adds a few more levels and features to the basic cat condo design and is great for homes with multiple cats. If you don't have the space for a cat condo or tree, make sure to buy a scratching post or doorknob cat scratcher to give kitty somewhere to sharpen his claws other than your furniture.

  4. Cat toys: Cats are social creatures, and spending time playing with your cat with interactive toys is a great way for cat and owner to bond. If you're away from home during the day, you can also leave your cat with catnip toys to entertain him while you're away.

  5. Cat bed: Cats spend a lot of time sleeping each day, and many cats, especially indoor cats, like to curl up near you at night as well. Make sure your new pet cat has a comfortable bed to sleep in. Most cats like to curl up while they sleep, so a round cat bed is perfect. If your cat doesn't use his cat bed at first, pay attention to where he does sleep, and move the cat bed there. It may just be an issue of location.

  6. Cat carrier: New cats, especially young kittens, will need to make a few visits to the vet. Invest in a good cat carrier to safely transport your pet to and from the veterinarian. Make the cat carrier comfortable by placing a few other cat supplies inside, like a cat bed and your kitty's favorite toys.

  7. Brush: When you're buying cat supplies for your new pet cat, don't forget to buy a brush for your cat. Brushing your cat frequently can help prevent hairballs and will protect your furniture and clothes from cat fur. Cat brushes are especially essential when your cat is shedding, which usually occurs during the spring and fall.

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