3 Stylish Entryway Storage Ideas

3 Stylish Entryway Storage Ideas

This guide is part of our Overstock Stylist Commentary series, home design tips written by industry experts.


With the right entryway storage, you can catch clutter before it crosses your threshold. In this guide, our Senior Stylist Logan R. shares a few entryway storage solutions that he styled at the Overstock studio. Get even more entryway storage ideas in our guide to Entryway Furniture and Decor.


Rounded Pieces

If you have a mudroom, your entry might not require much in the way of storage. In this case the world is your oyster and you can focus on pieces that showcase your personal style. The demilune console used here adds flair without a huge footprint. The rounded shape is ideal for a narrow entryway (and kids!) since there aren’t any corners to run into. A small storage ottoman is also great in tight spaces. It can hide shoes and provide a seat to tie them, or store winter items like hats, gloves, and scarves. To draw attention away from any clutter, you can top off your entryway with a statement mirror. It’s perfect for that last check before heading out the door.


Open Storage

Need a bit more storage but short on space? Keep things out in the open so you can grab and go. Use the area under your console. Standard entryway tables might not have much room on top, but there is prime real estate below. This area is perfect for small entryway storage such as shoe racks, baskets, or the multi-use stools seen here. The open weave rattan is not only on trend — it’s great for storing items like sporting equipment that benefit from air circulation. Placed on top of the console, bowls or trays are convenient for dropping keys, mail, and sunglasses. Nearby hooks can hold your coats and cardigans, or even practical items like an umbrella or dog leash.


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If you need maximum entryway storage go for a storage cabinet. Don’t be afraid to use furniture that typically lives in other areas of the home. A small buffet or bar cabinet works great as a front door storage unit for every bag in your life. Think bookbags, briefcases, gym bags, and grocery totes. This piece is actually a media console but it’s perfect for hiding those bulkier items to keep your foyer tidy. Drawers can stash pet toys and headphones until you’re on your way out the door. Look for cabinets with adjustable shelves to customize storage for each family member.

by Logan R.
Senior Stylist

My name is Logan and I’m the Senior Stylist here at Overstock. My background is in fine art and I got my master’s degree in painting before moving into the world of photography. I’ve been styling props and interiors for almost a decade, and love that I’m able to utilize my education daily.