English Cottage Style Decorating Ideas

English Cottage Style Decorating Ideas

English Cottage Style Decorating Ideas
English cottage style channels the rustic charm of ivy-covered walls, sunny meadows, and rolling hills, bringing the elegant countryside of Austen and Wordsworth to your home's decor. Weathered textures, a warm color palette, and touches of natural beauty create an inviting home you'll never want to leave.

English Cottage Style

English cottage drapes and chair

The English cottage style centers around cozy, rustic design elements, gently worn furniture, and charming antiqued decor. Muted colors lend a wholesome, inviting foundation while bright trim, floral fabrics, and colorful hints of nature offer a lively charm. Rustic elements like distressed and weathered surfaces complete the style with antique spirit. This cottage-inspired decor should feel lived-in and friendly, with touches of traditional sophistication and a dash of nature’s artistry.


English Cottage Color Palette

Light blue tufted settee

The color palette of an English cottage invites the beauty of the outdoors into your home to create a cheery, warm atmosphere. Start with a simple base color of soft wheat or white to create a clean, versatile foundation for any palette. Muted pink, green, or yellow can capture the appeal of roses, rolling hills, or a sunny meadow. Mix and match fabrics that use vibrant floral prints, delicate lace, and durable ginghams to create a vibrant array of colors and textures. Tie the hues together with something from the outdoors, like a vase filled with fresh wildflowers, for the perfect finishing touch.


English Cottage Style Dining Room

English cottage dining room set

The cottage kitchen is a wholesome place where functionality and beauty intersect. Paint cabinets a crisp white and try wooden knobs for hardware. Use sturdy checkered or gingham fabrics in workspaces, but top dining areas with airy laces. Gather friends and family around a lightly weathered dining table surrounded by mismatched dining chairs for a touch of antique whimsy. Well-made wooden furniture captures the cottage aesthetic, but patterned slipcovers can provide a dash of color and ensure easy maintenance. Complete your dining table with a beautiful floral arrangement in a sturdy glass jar.


Cozy English Cottage Bedroom

English cottage bedroom with floral bedding

Mix and match fabrics for a cozy variety of textures. Simple, comfortable bedding creates a familiar, lived-in feeling. Use fresh, neatly tucked white sheets and soft, warm wool blankets. Add ruffled pillowcases and a bedside arrangement of roses for a dash of springtime romance. Headboards offer a variety of options, as metal, weathered wood, and tufted fabrics can all enhance the cottage aesthetic. Adorn your windows with airy curtains that allow plenty of gentle light to filter through.


Charming English Cottage Bathroom

English cottage bathroom featuring a claw foot tub

A majestic clawfoot bath combines this style’s signature antique sensibility with a regal flourish. Offset this luxury with a simple checkered floor and weathered shutters for privacy. While sunny meadows and rolling hills are a cornerstone of the English cottage look, the bathroom is the perfect space to explore seaside charm and to add a coastal touch. Dot the bathroom with small driftwood arrangements, or fill glass jars with beach sand and seashells for a hint of the ocean’s natural beauty. For more cottage inspiration, check out our Shabby Chic Furniture & Decor Ideas.