Top End Table Styles for Your Living Room

Top End Table Styles for Your Living Room

The right end table can bridge decor styles to help create a look that’s all your own — picture a vintage end table that blends French country and transitional influences, or a reclaimed wood piece that’s at home with farmhouse and industrial decor alike. From stately traditional end tables to cutting-edge contemporary designs, here’s how to find the right piece to bring your end table decor ideas to life.

Contemporary End Tables: Smooth and Subtle

Celebrating a sleek, uncluttered look, contemporary style favors texture over color and smooth contours over embellishment. Simple design and understated colors help contemporary end tables create an open, spacious vibe. This makes them perfect for urban apartments and smaller living rooms. Set a contemporary end table by your doorway to hold keys and ID badges when you come home from work, or top your clear end table with a table lamp to reflect and amplify the light.

Mid-Century Modern End Tables: Retro Chic

Free-spirited and playful, mid-century modern decor emphasizes low-slung, casual silhouettes. Think splayed legs, rounded edges, and flush-set storage drawers. Colors range from pale, natural wood and clear finishes to vivid shades of paint. A bright mid-century modern end table makes a perfect accent piece to play up an oatmeal sofa or birchwood bookshelf. Add a punch of pop-art color when you pair a yellow end table or blue end table with an exuberant floral canvas on the wall.

French Country and Shabby Chic End Tables: Vintage Charm

Celebrate all things nostalgic with vintage inspiration. Drawing on weathered finishes, classic construction, and muted colors, vintage-influenced end tables complement French country and shabby chic decor. Picture a dainty Queen Anne end table, perfect for a cup of tea next to the sofa or for holding your jewelry next to the vanity.

Keep an eye out for lightly distressed finishes and soft shades of blue, sage, or off-white when you’re looking for a French country end table. Look for rattan or teak pieces to bring a more eclectic sensibility to your space. These Bohemian end tables can complement your futon, or anchor a sunroom full of layered rugs and tumbled floor cushions.

Traditional End Tables: Proven Excellence

Inspired by time-tested European designs, traditional end tables emphasize dark wood, solid construction, and elaborate design. A traditional end table looks best next to a tufted leather armchair or plush Chesterfield sofa. Look for carved details and deep, rich colors like mahogany, walnut, and cherry. Then make them your own with a graceful flower arrangement or elegant table lamp.

Farmhouse and Rustic End Tables; Country Appeal

Practical and charming, country-inspired end tables showcase wooden construction and distressed finishes. Their sturdy construction and weathered look makes them ideal for busy homes. Solid wood stands up to playtime, and scuffs and nicks only add to the timeworn vibe you need. Keep the popcorn close at hand on a farmhouse end table while you cuddle up with the kids for family movie night.