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Best End Table Materials for Your Living Room

Best End Table Materials for Your Living Room

Your choice of material determines the shape and function of your end table. Bring the eco-friendly vibes of a reclaimed wood end table to your living room. Or choose an end table dog crate to keep Fido safe and secure. Here are a few considerations to help you narrow down the best end table material.

Wooden End Tables: Classic Construction

Sturdy and versatile, wooden end tables range from exquisite traditional pieces to casual mid-century modern tables. Think of elaborate clawfoot legs on a classic walnut end table, or picture your favorite flower-filled vase atop a stunning rosewood end table. Need a handy resting spot for your mug? Frame your sofa with a hefty oak end table to enjoy a leisurely coffee break with your partner or best friend. Or opt for rugged wooden end tables, which can also stand up to rowdy pets and children. Often built with drawers, you can try a wood end table with storage to stow games and books in easy reach.

Metal End Tables: Cutting-Edge Elegance

With a stunning finish, metal end tables are the ultimate in contemporary design. Their reflective surfaces can unify your living room decor. Set off a copper end table with a chunky wooden table lamp to blend industrial and rustic influences, or stay crisp and contemporary with a sleek polished chrome piece.

Metal end tables are also highly functinal: With a lift top end table, you can easily check into a sudden Zoom meeting or add a new scene to your screenplay. Wipe-clean care makes metal end tables perfect for frequent entertaining. Whether you prefer bustling parties or chatty movie nights with friends, it’s easy to mop up after spills. You can breeze through weekly cleaning, especially when your end table is topped with lustrous glass.

Luxury End Tables: Effortless Beauty

Looking for high-end materials and careful attention to design? Whether you choose an artisanal, handmade end table or a glamorous confection of glass and chrome, a premium end table elevates your space. Picture a stunning marble end table or elaborately inlaid tile end table next to your velvet loveseat. Hints of gold, copper, or rose gold create instant opulence, so pamper yourself with a brass end table next to your vanity. Pair your rosewood end table with an elegant floor lamp and a cashmere throw for the ultimate reading nook. Glam end tables enhance compact spaces, turning your small living room into a jewel box of a retreat. Opt for a crystal-clear acrylic end table to open up your space with its light, airy look.

Inexpensive End Tables: Style on a Budget

Lightweight and easily maintained, a plastic end table is perfect for a college dorm or starter apartment. With versatile colors and finishes, plastic pieces mesh with many decor styles. This is especially true for casual and mid-century modern living rooms. If you’re looking for something sturdier, consider medium-density fiberboard for your end table. This engineered product is heavy and durable, though it can sag under prolonged weight. These end tables often incorporate extra features, so it’s easy to find an inexpensive end table with drawers or end table with a charging station.

Whether you choose warm, earthy woods or clean, contemporary metal, an end table can put the perfect finishing touch on your space. Learn more about Choosing an End Table to consider style, features, and more. Plus, get FREE SHIPPING* when you buy an end table from Overstock.

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