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Eco Benefits of Teak Wood Furniture

by Staff Writer


Choosing to furnish your outdoor entertainment area with teak wood patio furniture is a great decision. Not only are teak chairs and tables an attractive addition to the patio or garden, but they are also an eco-friendly option for the environmentally conscious homeowner. Because of its many benefits, teak wood continues to be among the best eco-friendly materials available for patio furniture.

Go Green with Teak:

  1. Durability: Teak wood is derived from mature teak trees, which have the natural ability to ward off dry rot, fungus, and parasites. This type of wood does not warp or rot easily, so you can expect your teak wood patio furniture to last for a decade -- or even several decades. The durability of teak patio furniture means it will stay in good condition throughout its life. This makes it an eco-friendly investment because you will not have to discard and replace it after a few years of use.

  2. Easy to clean: You only need to wipe down teak wood patio furniture with special varnish and light cleaning products to keep it looking fresh and new. Teak wood is naturally resistant to many stains and other types of corrosion. This means you get to use fewer cleaning products and solutions on your teak wood furniture than you would to maintain plastic, metal, and other types of wooden patio furniture.

  3. Strength: Teak is harder than many other types of wood used to make outdoor furniture. This helps furniture made from it to not corrode or warp from the effects of weathering. Teak patio furniture can withstand many different types of weather, making it a good choice in outdoor furniture for a variety of climates.

  4. Low maintenance: While other types of wood and certain types of plastic require repainting or re-staining over time to maintain their good looks, teak outdoor furniture does not require it. It will naturally change color from honey brown to silver gray; this color change does not affect the wood's durability or strength. Natural teak-wood oil can be used to maintain the wood's rich brown color. Either option is environmentally friendly: Either you don't use products on the wood and your teak outdoor furniture naturally patinas or you maintain the original color with natural oils.

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