Easter Home Decor Inspiration

Easter Home Decor Inspiration

Do you love to decorate for every holiday? Or maybe you’re just looking for small flourishes to jazz things up this spring. Either way, Easter is an opportunity to liven up your space. With accent pieces for the mantel and elegant tablescapes for Sunday dinner, this list of Easter home decor is full of creative ideas. Read on to get inspired by these stylish homes decorated for Easter.


Prettify Your Living Room With Subtle Pastels



Delicate lilac, robin’s egg blue, grass green, and sunny yellow are classic Easter pastels, but have you considered grey, too? Designer @homewithkelly artfully layered a range of pale greys with pops of blush and turquoise for a softly contrasting living room. To achieve this modern, subdued take on Easter home decor in your own space, start by adding light grey elements from floor to ceiling. Wall art, fuzzy blankets, and an area rug are easy swaps for spring. Then pick out a few decorative objects and throw pillows in a traditional pastel to add a simple splash of Easter panache.


Pay Homage to the Season With Spring-Fresh Flowers



Spring has sprung, so why not decorate with beautiful spring flowers as Easter home decor. If you grow your own flowers, snip colorful blooms from your garden and arrange them in a large stem vase. Buying fresh flowers is also a chance to display some natural beauty in the home. Showcase budding spring perennials with bulbs attached in a crystal vase like designer @nixonpack for a down-to-Earth spin on spring decorating. Not so much of a green thumb? Faux flowers look and feel real without needing watering or replanting. Daffodils, crocuses, and lilies all bloom during Easter season, so they’ll look picture-perfect on your coffee table or night stand at this time of year.


Display Easter Bunnies Front & Center



From quaint ceramics and shabby chic carved figurines to cotton-tailed throw pillows and darling wall art, the Easter bunny is the hero of Easter home decor. A rabbit placed on the mantel gives your living room a delightful holiday charm. Meanwhile, prominent bunnies in the dining room create a cute theme for Sunday dinner. @OurCozyCasa nailed it with a central pair of rabbit figurines flanked by matching moss rabbits — all perched on a fresh floral table runner — in this darling Easter tablescape. If you’re looking to add other springtime animals to your decor, chicks, ducklings, lambs, and even garden gnomes are other popular Easter decorating choices.


Make Easter Eggs Easy to Spot Throughout Your Home



While the Easter eggs in the yard should be well hidden to prolong the egg hunt fun, dyed eggs as decor should be easy to spot around the home. Take inspiration from designer @s2kdesigns and use cake stands to loft supersized Easter eggs for your Sunday brunch centerpiece. For outdoor Easter decor, hang egg-shaped string lights on your porch or landscaping to show the neighborhood you’re celebrating. And if you’re dying Easter eggs with your children or grandchildren, display their intricate works of art as part of your Easter home decor. Small baskets and trinket bowls are just right for a collection of colorful eggs.


Hang an Easter Wreath Made From Fresh Foliage



If you think wreaths are just for December, think again! A wreath made from spring-fresh foliage is just what your front door needs this spring. Some spring wreaths combine a plethora of flowers, so you can keep this piece of Easter home decor up for the whole season. Other wreaths incorporate artificial Easter eggs, carrots, and bunnies and may be better suited as temporary decor pieces. You could even take a leaf from @homesweeetfarmhouse’s book and center a gorgeous green wreath above your fireplace mantel. As long as the branches and leaves are bright lively green, a flower-free wreath will fit right in with your spring home stylings.


Go Easter Casual in Your Home Office



You’ve decorated the front door with a flowery Easter wreath, and you’ve brainstormed Easter accents for the living room and dining room. But what about your home office? Easter home decor for your workspace shouldn’t be too flashy. After all, you don’t want it affecting your productivity when working from home. Instead, look for subtle Easter decorations to place on your desk or office shelves. @our.1905.home pulled in two basic spring silhouettes, a bunny and an Easter egg. Adding simple desk accessories that aren’t too detailed evoke Easter fun without distracting you from your workflow.

Between getting Easter gifts for kids and decorating every room, you have plenty to think about. Overstock offers free shipping on everything, including Easter decorations, so that makes holiday decorating that much easier. If you adore your Easter home decor this spring, tag #overstockstyle in your photo on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our feed or in a future Tips & Ideas post.