Dyson Comparison Guide

Dyson Comparison Guide

The Dyson brand is synonymous with quality. When you buy a Dyson, whether it's a vacuum cleaner, bladeless fan, or air purifier, you know you're getting the best in technology and quality. With such a great variety of models to choose from it's common to wonder, "Which Dyson is right for me?" Use this guide to compare the most popular options available and find the best vacuum, heater, or fan for your home.

Finding the Dyson That’s Right for You

Dyson Upright Vacuums

An upright vacuum is easy to operate without hunching over or straining your back, making it a simple and painless solution for a cleaner home. For large homes with many rooms and floor types, the best Dyson vacuum will be a bagless, multifloor option, which provides an equally deep clean on hard floors, carpeted areas, and other surfaces. Bagless vacuums collect dust and dirt in a canister that can be easily removed, emptied, and reattached. Popular upright vacuums in this category include the Dyson Ball Multi Floor and the Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor.

Dyson’s patented Ball technology sets their upright models apart from other vacuums. This signature innovation makes it easier to vacuum along walls and around furniture. Some upright models, such as the Dyson Ball Animal and the Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy, take vacuum technology a step further with builds and accessories that easily handle animal hair and eliminate dust and dander from your carpets and floors. These advanced options are perfect for pet owners or those sensitive to common household allergens.

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Dyson Cordless Vacuums

A cordless Dyson vacuum is a versatile option that combines powerful suction with cord-free convenience. If you find yourself straining to cover hard-to-reach areas during your regular cleaning routine, a cordless or handheld option can make the experience much easier. These vacuums typically feature an extendable handle and swiveling head to clean every spot in your home, whether that’s on top of cabinets or underneath the sofa. These lightweight vacuum cleaners generate suction using compact digital motors for a perfect balance of size and performance.

For most homes, a Dyson V6 will be capable enough for standard vacuuming jobs, but the extra power and run time of V7 and V8 models will make the quest for a cleaner home even easier. The Dyson V8 Animal is a great portable solution for pet owners who need both power and portability.

Dyson handheld vacuums excel at removing dust and debris from small nooks and crannies, making them a good solution for detail-oriented cleaning. These models are small, lightweight, and lend themselves to one-handed operation. You can even plug in battery-operated handheld vacuums for a boost in suction power. Consider a replaceable direct-drive head to help knock loose debris stuck in carpet for an even deeper clean.

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Dyson vacuum with attachments

Dyson Vacuum Attachments

Customize your Dyson vacuum cleaner with attachments that make dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning in unique spaces even easier. An all-in-one home cleaning kit will provide you with a handful of vacuum accessories, or you can buy a single attachment to specifically improve your vacuum’s performance. A tangle-free turbine attachment minimizes clogging due to long carpet fibers or hair, while an articulating attachment cleans hardwood floors to a spotless finish. Other common and useful multi-function attachments include the crevice tool, stair tool, and combination tool.

Other must-have accessories include specific products for keeping vacuum components, such as the debris bin and the removable filter, clean and in good-working order. If you spend just a little time maintaining your new vacuum cleaner, it’s sure to last longer and keep your home spotless for years to come.

Dyson Air Treatment

Dyson fans, heaters, humidifiers, and air purifiers feature eye-catching bladeless designs and make use of the latest air-treatment technology. Dyson has an option for very home need, from standalone cooling fans to all-in-one solutions that heat, cool, and purify air. Keep the air in your home from drying out in arid climates or during the winter with a compact and effective humidifier. Allergy sufferers and pet owners can benefit from a smart air purifier, which even connects to your Wi-Fi to let you monitor the air quality of your home from a mobile device. Find the perfect option for you that’s packed with all the useful features you could ever need.

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