Down Pillow Fact Sheet

Down Pillow Fact Sheet

two down pillows on a bed
Pair a down pillow with a down-filled comforter and down mattress pad for the ultimate in warm, supported sleep. Down pillows mold to the shape of your head, regardless of your sleeping position. These all-natural pillows are a good choice for those who find their head to be too warm at night, as down allows for airflow through the pillow, keeping the head cool. Available in a variety of lofts, down pillows can be filled to match the density you prefer. Read over this down pillow fact sheet to get the scoop on this terrific bedding.
two down pillows on a bed

What You Need to Know:


Down pillows are made from animal products. The back, wing and chest feathers of geese and ducks are used. Unlike pillows filled with man-made fibers, down pillows can be rejuvenated and re-cased. Down pillows are available in a variety of densities, and sizes range from standard to king.


One of the main benefits of using a down pillow is its ability to form to the curve of your head and neck, providing customized support. Down pillows breathe easily and allow airflow around the head and neck.


Down pillows can last up to 20 years with proper care and cleaning. Use a zippered pillow protector and pillowcase to cover the pillow. This will keep natural body oils from absorbing into the feathers. Store unused down pillows in a breathable bag, as plastic storage bags will trap moisture and increase chances for mildew.


If the pillow is soiled, check the label for washing instructions. Machine washable down pillows require two additional rinse cycles to remove soap residue and two additional spin cycles to remove excess water. Use a low heat setting to dry the pillow, stopping to hand fluff every 20 minutes. Pillows are dry when no lumps can be felt.


Allergies are a common problem when selecting a down pillow. Since these pillows are stuffed with a natural animal product, those with allergies to waterfowl should avoid natural down pillows. Hypoallergenic-treated down pillows may be suitable for those with mild allergies, and down alternative pillows are available for those with more severe allergies.