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Dorm Room Decor 101

You’ve decided on the school of your dreams, but your college experience is only beginning. Now that the most stressful part is over, it’s time to shop for all the dorm decor you need to feel at home. Who says you have to put up with cinderblock walls and fluorescent lighting? Use our guide to find dorm room ideas that fit your personal style, and you’ll begin your college journey in the perfect space.

Dorm Room Essentials

Twin XL Sheets dorm room ideas

Twin XL Sheets

Dorm room beds are made to accommodate all shapes and sizes, so extra-long twin sheets are a must. Consider getting two sets of sheets so you can space out your laundry days.

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wire closet organizer

Closet Organizer

A dorm closet might not provide the same amount of space you’re used to, but don’t let that stop you from storing things with ease. A closet organizer provides hanging shelf space for easy shoe storage and can help make up for lack of drawer space.

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turquoise mesh laundry hamper dorm room ideas

Laundry Hamper

Every college kid dreads laundry day, but you can make things easier on yourself with a rolling hamper to help you out on the trek to the laundry room. And if you don’t want to worry about your dirty clothes toppling out when your hamper is at max capacity, consider a drawstring hamper.

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grey egg crate mattress topper

Mattress Topper

Dorm mattresses are made for longevity, not necessarily for comfort. With a good mattress topper, you can make sure your precious shut-eye doesn’t suffer. Try a thick memory foam mattress for support or egg crate foam if you like a little more give.

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Dorm Room Tips

command wall hooks dorm room ideas

No-Damage Wall Hooks

Most residence halls won’t allow nails in the walls, even in the name of decor. This is where no-damage hooks might just be your saving grace. These strong and sticky hooks leave no damage and are your solve for everything from putting up a bulletin board to hanging curtain rods.

Shop Removable Wall Hooks
turquoise plastic bed risers dorm room ideas

Bed Risers

Most dorm rooms offer the option to make your bed into a loft for prime space utilization. If you don’t have this benefit, you can create extra storage space under your bed with bed risers, which can lift your bed an extra six to eight inches.

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white paper lanterns dorm room ideas

Extra Lighting

It’s hard to love the fluorescent lighting in most dorm rooms. Combat the bad-lighting blues with warm lamps and string lights, and notice the happy difference it makes in your room.

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black hand-held label maker dorm room ideas

Label Maker

You might not be a stickler about who uses what in your dorm, but having roommates can really put your belongings in a jumble. Keep your phone chargers, computer cords, and other supplies in line by labeling them as your own.

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