Dorm Room Decorating Ideas by Personality

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas by Personality

If you're wondering how to decorate your college dorm room, start the year right with dorm decor that reflects your personality. That way, you'll feel right at home. We’ve gathered some of our favorite dorm room decor ideas to help you transform those blank walls and that cold tile floor into a space uniquely yours.

Traditional Dorm Decor Ideas for Sports Fans & Athletes

1. Plaid Bedding / 2. Trophy / 3. Throw Pillows / 4. Table Lamp / 5. Leather Accent Chair

You don’t have to be an All-American athlete or go to an Ivy League school to add a touch of preppy class to your dorm decor. If you love traditional clean-cut looks, mix nautical stripes with rich flannels for your bedding and add dark leather accents to your room. A smart nautical lamp is a great addition to your nightstand or desk too. Don’t be afraid to show off trophies or awards from high school next to keepsakes from your friends and family. Whether you’re going to the old family alma mater or starting at a state school, you can combine coastal, Americana, and traditional styles to create a refined, preppy dorm.


Boho Dorm Decor Ideas for Trendy Travelers

1. Tapestry / 2. Table Lamp / 3. Boho Pouf / 4. Succulents / 5. Comforter Set

After backpacking abroad all summer, it’s time to hit the books. And where better to do it than your hippie-chic boho dorm room? Whether you’re well-traveled or an aspiring globetrotter, let your worldliness inspire your dorm decor. Wall art, such as world maps or colorful tapestries, can instantly make a statement on your side of the room. And for your dorm bedding, look for bright colors and intricate patterns that speak to your curiosity. Add a trendy pouf or floor cushion that doubles as a comfy study spot and extra seating for new friends.


Glam Dorm Decor for Chic Fashionistas

1. Glam Wall Art / 2. Floor Lamp / 3. Comforter Set / 4. Foot Stool / 5. Tabletop Mirror

You’re polished and composed in most situations, so your dorm should be, too. Whether studying in style or getting ready to go out, you gravitate towards all things luxurious. So when you’re brainstorming dorm room decor ideas, look to the flashy metallic accents and plush textures of glam style for inspiration. A gold-flecked comforter set can instantly dress up your dorm bed, while a faux fur throw can be your cuddle buddy for all-nighters. Not all dorms have a mirror in the room, so consider a tabletop option for your desk. Then you can touch up your hair or makeup before heading out for class or a party.


Mid-Century Modern Dorm Decor Ideas for Hipster Tastemakers

1. Framed Print / 2. Photo Display / 3. Accent Chair / 4. Side Table / 5. Shelf

You’ve always been your friends’ go-to source for great recommendations for movies, music, books, and all things media. Student housing may be small, but there are still ways to keep your book, record, or movie collection with you. Try adding a vintage mid-century modern touch to your dorm decor to match the deep tracks you love. Display ticket stubs from favorite concerts or polaroids from your photography projects with lighted photo clips or vintage-inspired frames. Classic magazine tables or stackable milk crates make great storage options for LPs. Hang movie or music posters as wall art to show off your stellar taste.


Contemporary Dorm Decor Ideas for Modern Minimalists

1. Framed Prints / 2. Comforter Set / 3. Desk Lamp / 4. Storage Ottoman / 5. Succulent

Frills may not be your jam, but decorating your dorm like a true minimalist doesn’t mean it should feel bare, either. For a modern decor aesthetic, stick to a restrained color palette. Think black and white with pops of your favorite color. Streamlined silhouettes for other essentials, such as reading lamps and desk decor, will give your space a polished look. You can counterbalance the stark with some soft with a potted plant for your windowsill or desk. And for the ultimate minimalist design move, give yourself extra storage space with hidden organizers around the room. From drawer dividers to under-bed storage, you’ll appreciate having a place for everything.

Required reading and social functions are how you want to spend your time, not constantly cleaning up clutter. Stay ahead of the mess with some tidying tips that work for small spaces. Read How to Organize a Dorm Room to set up your system.