Dorm Decorating Ideas for Guys

Dorm Decorating Ideas for Guys

Decorating his dorm might not be on the top of his summer to do list, but that doesn't mean that your high school grad doesn't want a cool room. When he's away at school, he'll want his space to feel as homey as possible. Give him a little guidance with these five ideas for decorating a boy's dorm room.


Choose a Versatile Theme to Last His College Career

Create a Versatile Theme

When outfitting a dorm, your initial concern should be longevity. Ideally, your son’s room decor will last for about four years, give or take a graduate degree. Your son will change a lot in that time and his room decor needs to be adaptable enough to change with him. Keep color palettes neutral and patterns simple.


Grab bedding that meets the cozy quota and has a classic style or color that will stand the test of time. Reversible bedding is perfect for versatility – when he gets bored of one side, it’s easy to flip it over.


Picture frames are great for displaying memories, and the photos can be switched out whenever he’s ready for a change. And don’t forget the rug!  Opt for something durable made with synthetic material or wool that will last as he moves from dorm to apartment.


Display His School Supplies With Everyday Items

Display His Stuff

Little decorative knick-knacks can make a big visual impact, but in a boy’s dorm, they tend to get broken or shoved to the side to make room for things like homework or dirty laundry. Shop for decorative display items so everything has a place. That way you don’t waste money on something that won’t make it to his second semester.


Get your son a set of hooks so he can display things he uses every day. Maybe he has an awesome collection of hats or he likes to change his backpack based on his mood. A sturdy tray is a well-appointed surface to display a collection of cologne or beard accessories. Using everyday items to decorate not only keeps them off the floor, but also makes use of what he already has and likes.


Add Some Class With a Creative Statement

Embrace Wall Art

Wall art can be the finishing touch that ties a dorm together but choosing artwork can feel intimidating to someone who isn’t sure what they want. Abstract art, like the pieces pictured above, are universal enough to go with a variety of decor and make a creative statement. World map prints are a classic choice that fit thematically in a dorm room.


If he prefers the pop-culture route, upgrade his posters with attractive frames. Not only do frames protect posters from being damaged, but they can easily accommodate new content as your son’s interests change.


Create a Hall Hangout With Dorm Chairs

Add Cozy Spaces

When guests inevitably visit, everything that can be used as a seat will be. Help your son make his dorm a cozy space by integrating a slew of seating options like plush chairs and floor cushions. Since space is an issue, he’ll need something that can be tucked away when not in use, like a butterfly or saucer chair. Make sure to choose something that is equal parts comfortable and functional.


Help Him Keep the Dorm Clutter Free

Keep It Clutter Free

Realistically, your son’s dorm probably won’t stay clean all the time, but you can help him keep the clutter at bay with good organizational options. He’ll need drawer and closet organizers to make the most of his space and keep clothes and personal items in order.


Storage containers that easily slide under his bed are perfect for miscellaneous belongings that don’t fit anywhere else. A desktop organizer is another great piece of functional decor for a dorm. Choose a fun pencil holder: it keeps writing implements handy and it’s a great conversation starter.