Dorm Room Ideas for Girls

Dorm Room Ideas for Girls

Decorating a small dorm room may seem like a challenge, but these tips will help you incorporate the right decor to make it feel like your own. Rethink basic dorm design with stylish storage and chic accessories that will make your room stand out.

Dorm room ideas for girls


Relax Your Look With Dorm Bedding in Flirty Pastels

Instead of Bright Colors Try Keeping It Neutral

You might think that loud, bold colors are synonymous with making a statement. But when a room is too bold, your statement may come across as aggressive instead of enticing, especially in a small space like a dorm.


Draw the right kind of attention to your space by embracing a feminine color palette to create a bright and airy ambiance. Your bed will be the main focus of your room, so set the tone with bedding in soft, simple pastels.


Use Cute Storage for Everyday Items

Instead of Basic Under Bed Drawers, Try a Rolling Shelf

Bed risers are a dorm staple that provide under-bed storage. In every room you visit, you’ll see the same basic, plastic drawers under the bed. Make your storage enhance your style by choosing something that complements your dorm decor.


A rolling shelf is a great option that will make your storage more attractive and accessible. Use storage boxes with personality to dress up a plain rolling shelf. Choose boxes with transparent sides to easily identify their contents.


Layer Beautiful Bed Pillows as a Make-Shift Headboard

Instead of a DIY Headboard, Try a Mound of Pillows

Everyone wants an inexpensive solution to embellish dorm beds since most don’t have a headboard. Instead of attempting a time-consuming do-it-yourself version, put together a cozy arrangement of beautiful, textured bed pillows.


Both faux furs and metallics are popular for girls’ dorms. Maintain visual interest by loading up your bed with an assortment of pillow sizes and styles, each with its own unique pattern. This dorm decorating tip will save you more time for welcome mixers.


Mix Pretty Patterns for an Eye-Catching Design

Instead of Sticking to Solids, Try Mixing Patterns

Your instincts might say solid-colored dorm decor is easier to coordinate and maintains simplicity. In reality, a mix of solid colors can end up looking boring or even busy. Make a style statement that dormmates will envy by layering patterns within the same color palette.


For example, consider a ladylike pillow combination of florals and polka-dots. Accents like a striped throw blanket or geometric area rug will keep variety without being too busy. Keep your patterns from competing by making sure they vary in size.


Study in Style With Your Own Desk Chair

Instead of the Provided Desk Chair, Try a Personalized Option

Your dorm room will come with the most basic necessities: a bed, desk, and chair. Don’t settle for furniture that kills your vibe. Swap that basic chair for one that better fits your decor and your back.


A chair with adjustable height will ensure that you can achieve optimal comfort for all-nighters. Choose an ergonomically designed chair to prevent backaches. Check with your RA to find a safe place to store the dorm-provided chair while you opt for a chic and cute alternative.


Save Time and Money With a Dorm Coffee Station

Instead of Buying a Latte Everyday, Try a Home Coffee Station

Between early-morning classes and late-night studying, caffeine will likely become a lifeline for college survival. Save time and money by making coffee in your dorm with your very own coffee station. Keeping your coffee maker on a mat or a decorative towel will prevent spills from damaging the table top.


Make sure you stock a shelf with everything you’ll need for a delicious cup of joe. Keep your coffee station looking cute by storing your coffee and sugar in stylish canisters. You can even display your coffee mugs on wall hooks or stacked on a shelf.


Hang Abstract Art to Express Originality

Instead of Posters, Try Abstract Art

Typical dorm room decor includes tacked up posters plastered from wall to wall and sometimes even on the ceiling. Instead, choose wall art that embodies your sense of self. Abstract art can complement your color scheme without sacrificing taste and create a distinct visual appeal. Find art that speaks to you. The right piece will continue to hold your interest for your whole college career.