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Dog Room Ideas to Keep Your Canine Comfy

Dog Room Ideas to Keep Your Canine Comfy

A dog room is a quiet haven for your pet to escape and de-stress. Whether you need space-saving dog closet ideas for a small apartment or dog room decorating ideas for a pampered pooch, we’ve got you covered. With sturdy furniture and adorable accessories, you can design a pet bedroom that keeps your dog happy and comfortable.

Getting Started: Finding The Paw-fect Setup

An enclosed dog area can be a safe space to keep your pup when you’re away from home. For large or highly active dogs, consider setting aside an entire bedroom or utility room with plenty of space for tail-chasing and lounging (think about installing a pet door so they can get in and out without having to bark for your attention). Or section off a basement dog room with a heavy-duty adjustable dog fence that’s tall enough to prevent jumping.

If your pet simply needs a private place to cope with thunderstorms or raucous parties, look for a spot that’s open to the rest of the house; that way, your pup can come and go freely. Anxious dogs often feel protected in a smaller, enclosed spot. Build a dog area under the stairs so your pet can keep an eye on the kids. Or turn an out-of-the-way upstairs closet into a sanctuary for pups that feel stressed during poker night. Multifunctional furniture can also integrate crates with the main areas of the home (end table crates are common).

Dog Room Decor Ideas Your Best Friend Will Love

Choose the Right Doggie Bed

Dogs often spend half of the day sleeping. A supportive, appropriately sized bed helps them rest with ease. If your dog likes to stretch out, choose an oversized bed that accommodates a splayed position. Small, anxious dogs often prefer the shelter of a compact pet bed with raised side walls. A bed with firm side bolsters creates a cozy elevated headrest for dogs who keep a watchful eye on the action in the house.

If you have an older dog with stiff or aching joints, a memory foam dog bed provides extra cushioning. Since the surface isn’t overly plush, it’s easier for your pet to get up when they hear your car in the driveway. Elevated beds allow ample airflow, so they can be a cooling option for a large dog with thick fur. You might also consider these beds for dogs who love to gnaw on any exposed wood surface; the bite-proof metal frames and ultra-tough nylon covers stand up to sharp teeth.

Add a Pet Feeding Station

A dog room with a feeding station gives your pet a place to eat in peace. Slide a tray underneath to catch spills, and use a rubberized nonslip rug pad to create more stability for enthusiastic eaters. Elevated dog bowls enable your dog to reach food and water without straining, which is helpful for tall breeds or pets with limited mobility.

If your pet stays in a dog bedroom when you’re at work, use an automatic feeder to dispense food at preset times. Some models even connect to an app on your phone, so you can activate a feeding remotely if you’re running late.

Monitor the Temperature

Short-haired dogs often struggle to stay warm in the winter, but a space heater can keep your furry friend warm and cozy (especially if they resist wearing sweaters). Units with timers shut off automatically to prevent overheating, and models with mesh grilles keep dog fur away from heating elements. If you have a curious puppy who can’t resist a new smell, look for a cool-touch model with an anti-tip base to boost safety.

When the summers get too hot for walks around the neighborhood, keep your pet cool with a wall-mounted fan; use a cord protector to discourage chewing. For heat-sensitive breeds such as pugs, French bulldogs, and Boston terriers, a portable air conditioner can make it easier to regulate body temperature. Remember that dogs hear higher frequencies than humans, and choose silent-running units that are easy on the ears. Opt for a cooling pad to skip cords.

Dress Up the Space With Dog Room Decor

Lean into the humor of a cute dog bedroom with dog-themed wall art or animal-print wallpaper. A framed photo of your pet’s favorite humans looks adorable and creates a comforting feeling when you’re not home. Turn the space into a luxury dog room with an adorable pet sofa upholstered in scratch-resistant faux leather.

If you need pet nook ideas, look for space-efficient decor with a big visual impact. Printed kitchen curtains dress up a simple pet cubby and give your dog a sense of security. Or, make your guests grin with a cute sign or throw pillow that warns them to “beware of the dog.”

Find Flooring Fit for Playtime

Outfit your doggie room with heavy-duty rubber flooring tiles that protect the floors and prevent slipping when your pet has the zoomies. Since rubber doesn’t absorb water, it’s easy to clean with a mop or a hose after an accident.

Your pooch spins in happy circles all around you on a low-pile rug, which won’t snag their nails or collect their hair. But make sure your flatweave is made from a pet-friendly material (ideally machine washable). Nylon, polyester, and polypropylene are easy-clean for the odd accident. Have a pet vacuum on hand to quickly tend to rug stains.

Stash Pet Supplies

Make storage part of your doggie room decor with shelving or a wall organizer that looks attractive and keeps pet supplies safely out of reach. If you have floor space, a dresser has the most storage (perfect for park essentials like your running shoes, fanny pack, and fitness tracker). Wicker dressers feature a resin coating that stands up to scratching and biting. If you use a more traditional melamine or pine dresser, ensure it’s unpainted so you don’t have to worry about any colors getting scratched or faded.

Between games of fetch and tug-of-war, tidy up chew toys in a sturdy, puppy-proof plastic toy box for easy cleanup or an outdoor storage box for backyard playtime.

As you return to work and leave your dog at home, dog rooms add a comfy space dedicated to keeping your special friend happy and safe while you’re away. See our guide to Pet-Friendly Furniture to help you shop pet furniture and decor for your dog room. At Overstock, get free shipping* on every order.