Top 5 Dining Room Rug Ideas by Style

Top 5 Dining Room Rug Ideas by Style

Choosing a dining room rug is easy when you match it to your lifestyle and existing decor. If your dining room is a family hub for dyeing Easter eggs and icing gingerbread houses, you'll want a patterned rug that can help disguise stains. If your dining table is usually decorated with place cards for black-tie affairs, your style probably leans traditional and your rug should follow suit. Whether you're designing from scratch or looking for style-pairing tips, this guide will help you to choose the right dining room rug for your taste.

Bohemian Rugs for Intimate Appetizers

A bohemian rug is perfect for a dining room where exotic food is served over a low-lying table with tons of floor cushions and lanterns. For a global look, choose a dining rug rich in color and cultural motifs. For example, you might go for an intricately distressed Persian or a Southwestern rug with tribal patterns.

For a truly bohemian dining experience, opt for layers of comfort. Piling on vibrant flatweaves will make your dining room seem worldly and dramatic, which is sure to inspire lots of dinner conversation.

Coastal Rugs for Casually Classy Dining

Coastal decor keeps things light and relaxed, so this style will relieve some of the pressures of entertaining. Ground the dining room in subtle sophistication with a neutral or blue rug. Since brighter, warmer colors excite people’s appetites, these more subdued tones will soothe guests and tide them over ’til dinner time.

Feel free to keep your coastal dining room rug simple and let your seascape decor do the talking. A sturdy, comfy jute rug will complement the raw wood table common to coastal style and continue the outdoor theme. You can layer it with a smaller nautical-printed rug for a splash of whimsy and an attractive way to hide stains.

Mid-Century Rugs for Lively Dinner Parties

Not one for the ceremonial banquet? Center your dining room design around a bold, graphic rug. These modern geometric rugs common to mid-century style are known for their bright, exciting colors and patterns. They’re a little laid-back and fun, with just enough pomp and circumstance for an evening soiree.

A mid-century rug is for a dining room that encourages long, leisurely meals and cozy mingling, where the drinks and the conversation flow freely. These rugs pair well with slim, retro dining furniture for an easygoing, help-yourself vibe.

Rustic Rugs for Quaint Get-Togethers

To make the most of a worn family table and comfy seats, choose a rustic rug to bring out warmth and coziness. When your dining room rug is as rugged as the hammered metal in your pendant lighting, it can flawlessly blend ease and refinement.

Think woven texture and greige tones when choosing a rustic dining room rug. It will put on just enough airs to impress the family, while still allowing them to feel comfortable digging into the buffet laid out on the trestle table.

Traditional Rugs for Formal Dinner Affairs

If your placemats are tidy, your guests are refined, and your silverware is carefully arranged, then a traditional dining room rug can be the perfect complement to your crisp style. Continuity is high-end in itself, so match the mahogany or walnut finish of your table and chairs with a darker dining room rug.

Vintage scrolls and medallions are popular dining room rug patterns for hiding spills, and they’ll pair well with your room’s wing-backed chairs and polished ambiance. To help match dining furniture to this type of rug, read How to Choose Elegant Dining Room Furniture.

Now that you’ve found the perfect dining room rug, you’ll want to keep it in place as chairs scoot back and forth. Check out Why You Need a Rug Pad to learn how a rug pad can help make your dining experience easier.