9 Dining Room Ideas for Small Spaces

9 Dining Room Ideas for Small Spaces

When you're brainstorming small dining room ideas, you don't have to sacrifice your style preferences for space. These great design tips and tricks will help you beautifully decorate your dining room without it feeling cramped.

Try a Built-In Banquette

When you have a small dining room, trying to fit two or more chairs around a table can feel like a stretch. If that’s the case with your space, try a banquette. You can build them right into the wall and can even mix them with individual chairs. These flexible benches will work with tables of any size or shape. Add some visual interest with bench cushions or colorful pillows.


Use a Narrow Table

Many people think that a narrow table means limited space, but it’s the opposite. Using a narrow dining table in place of a round one is a great way to create extra space. You and your family will have plenty of elbow room. Make things even roomier by using benches instead of chairs, which can be stored under your dining table.


Keep Decor Simple and Clean

One of the best ways to create an illusion of space is by keeping things simple. Minimalistic spaces often look open and bright. Clean lines, light colors, and minimal decor are great ways to open a space. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use decorations; just keep them small and simple.


Hang Mirrors on the Wall

One of the best-kept secrets in interior design is how to utilize mirrors. Hanging a large mirror on your dining room wall does more than add visual interest. A mirror’s reflection creates the illusion of space while also reflecting light, brightening up the room at the same time.


Create an Accent Wall with Contrasting Colors

Don’t be afraid to get creative with color. Painting a single wall a darker or contrasting color as an accent creates visual interest. The darker, the better — an accent wall also creates the illusion of depth in a room. Feel free to experiment with pieces that contrast with your main color scheme, such as chairs, art, and much more.


Create the Illusion of a Taller Ceiling

Another way to increase the feeling of space in your dining room is to make your ceiling seem higher. Install a flattering light fixture to draw attention to your ceiling. When paired with other deliberate design choices, such as vertically paneled walls or floor-to-ceiling curtains, your room can appear taller and roomier.


Use Floating Shelves for Storage

One of the most difficult things about having a small dining room is the lack of usable storage space. Avoid using buffets and cabinets that can take up too much floor space. Stick to shelves to keep things open. Wall-mounted floating shelves offer the best solution, letting you store attractive dishes and serveware that double as dining room decor.


Use Plants to Brighten Your Space

Whether big or small, plants are a great way to breathe some life and light into a space. Bringing greenery into your dining room helps create an open and airy feel. Don’t be afraid to put vases of flowers and other plants around your dining area to add some natural beauty.


Hang Larger Art Prints

Strategically hanging wall art is a great way to make your dining area feel more open. Having one or two larger prints in your dining room can help create an illusion of space by drawing attention to a particular side of the room, similar to how an accent wall works. Choose art that complements your dining room decor scheme for the best possible result.