Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Dining Room Decorating Ideas
Your dining room is a gathering place, whether for intimate family dinners or fun-filled evenings with friends. A busy room like this deserves some extra attention, so dress up your space with a beautiful dining room decor scheme that reflects your inner style. We've compiled this list of inviting dining room decorating ideas that are sure to impress. Creating your own gorgeous dining area can be as simple as changing a few pieces of furniture and decor.

Dining Room Styles


Coastal Dining Room

Coastal style dining room

A Coastal dining room has a light and breezy feel to it, with nautical colors punctuating the otherwise neutral tone. Shades of ocean blue are the perfect accents to use for dining chairs, buffets, china cabinets, and wall art or tabletop decor. Featuring dining furniture made from light-colored natural wood is another way to bring in Coastal style, or opt for painted white chairs for a more traditional look. Easily center your Coastal dining room with a natural-fiber area rug, such as jute or sisal, that continues the beach-inspired theme. As for lighting, keep things fresh with a modern chandelier or pendant light that uses nautical elements like sea glass, driftwood, or sea shells and complements the established seaside vibe. Learn more about Coastal Furniture & Decor Ideas.


Scandinavian Dining Room

Scandinavian style dining room

Clean, minimal, and modern, a Scandinavian dining room establishes a simple yet stylish theme with its careful use of furniture and decor. Natural elements are key to a Scandinavian space – wood-grain textures and green plants really liven up the neutral color scheme. A polished, light-colored wood table makes a sleek statement. Pair it with a black Modern-style pendant light or chandelier to set off your Scandi centerpiece or opt for a copper or brass light fixture to add a little variety. Simple curved-back dining chairs in black provide a contemporary touch that’s right at home in a Scandinavian dining room. Consider hanging black-and-white art to decorate your dining room walls with modern flair. Get more tips on Scandinavian Decor Ideas.


Industrial Dining Room

Industrial style dining room

Industrial interiors are typically very open, which means your dining room, kitchen, and living room may all be connected. However, an Industrial dining room can still stand out with a few intentional pieces of furniture and decor. Nothing says Industrial like raw construction. That’s why a metal and wood table is the perfect fit for your dining room. Stay consistent with dining chairs or bar stools made from the same materials. Metal pendants and chandeliers also shine with a unique Industrial charm. You can keep your dining room from feeling too sterile with a handful of green plants that bring color and life into your space. Check out more Industrial Furniture & Decor Ideas.


Mid-Century Modern Dining Room

Mid-Century modern style dining room

A Mid-Century Modern dining room is a chic space for eating and entertaining. Wooden dining chairs with tapered legs help establish the signature Mid-Century look, especially when they’re next to a smooth, polished wooden table. Utilize bright geometric patterns from the ’50s and ’60s with a stylish area rug that will bring some color and texture to this sleek design. Bold and unique lighting is another hallmark of Mid-Century Modern, with Sputnik chandeliers and bubble pendant lights in bronze, gold, and nickel as style favorites. Get ready to host the perfect dinner party in this classy retro dining room. Get more tips on Mid-Century Modern Furniture & Decor Ideas.


Modern Dining Room

Modern style dining room

Sleek and simple are the rules of thumb for a successful Modern dining room. Whether you choose a square, rectangular, or circular table, a darker wood is more flattering and sets the tone for the rest of your dining furniture. Polished wood dining chairs with leather padding are one way to go, but wooden-legged upholstered chairs in grey, white, or black also complement the contemporary vibe. Light up your dining room setup with metallic pendants that are bold without being gaudy. Black-and-white furniture and decor work alongside a neutral color palette for a look that’s unmistakably Modern. Learn more about Modern Interior Design Ideas.


Shabby Chic Dining Room

Shabby Chic style dining room

The shabby in Shabby Chic refers to the worn or distressed appearance of furniture that lends so much to the overall style. A Shabby Chic dining room is no different. An antique-looking dining table and set of chairs will establish a lived-in, homey feel that should permeate the room. Pale pastels and creamy neutrals let your decor stand out – consider arrangements of fresh flowers to provide blossoms of color that breathe life into your space. Cozy up a Shabby Chic dining room with comfy upholstery and a soft area rug to really capture this popular style. Check out more Shabby Chic Furniture & Decor Ideas.


French Country Dining Room

French country style dining room

This European-inspired style combines worn furniture, Farmhouse decor, and country charm to create a dining room that’s elegant yet simple. Using a light-colored or distressed wood table as your centerpiece, bring in traditional cushioned wood chairs that are comfortable and stylish. Farmhouse accents such as glass carafes, metal canisters, and rooster decor will add a touch of personality and further cement the French Country style. Muted, rather than shiny, chandeliers are the way to go to capture the French provincial look with your lighting choice. All these elements come together for an upscale country dining room you’ll enjoy for years to come. Get more tips on French Country Furniture & Decor Ideas.


Rustic Dining Room

Rustic style dining room

Get a taste of country living and dining with Rustic style. Start with wood dining furniture to provide weight. A trestle-style table is one popular option that provides a sturdy foundation to build your Rustic dining room around. Solidly constructed wood chairs, benches, and an all-wood buffet or china cabinet will continue the natural theme with a consistent wood grain pattern and color throughout your dining room. Warm copper pendant lighting is the perfect touch of Rustic charm to illuminate your setting. You can use earth tones in wall art and area rugs to help draw the room together. Learn more Rustic Decorating Ideas.