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Top Trending Desk Styles

Top Trending Desk Styles

desk styles

Most of the workday is centered around your desk, so you need one that suits your style. From the classic to the contemporary, explore designs and materials to find the desk that’s best for you.


Modern and Contemporary Desks

modern & contemporary desk

Crisp, angular design and neutral colors characterize modern and contemporary desks, perfect for a clean, efficient workspace that’s on-trend. Sleek materials, from metal frames to glass tops, will blend sophistication with up-to-the-minute industrial flair. Settle in at an L-shaped modern desk with asymmetrical shelves or catch up on documentation from a compact computer desk to help you work with no distractions but your own amazing style.


Traditional Desks

traditional desk

Timeless and elegant, a traditional desk is the perfect spot for a vase of flowers and luxurious stationery set. Look for graceful curves and natural wood with rich finishes inspired by classic European design. The understated opulence of a traditional desk is sure to inspire you as you scribe a handwritten letter or dream your way through pages of poetry.


Rustic Desks

rustic desk

Rustic furniture brings a warm, relaxed sensibility to your space, and rustic desks are no exception. Rustic desks heighten their homespun appeal with distressed metal and pops of deep, vibrant color. Look for rough edges, weathered surfaces, and natural finishes, and then settle in with a mug of coffee to finish that book or catch up on your correspondence.


Scandinavian and Mid-Century Modern Desks

mid-century modern desk

Mellow out with a mid-century modern desk. Paired with an egg chair or padded swivel stool, mid-century modern and Scandinavian desks create a relaxed, retro vibe with their natural blonde wood tones and minimalist curves. These desks keep you ready to sip Greyhounds over a copy of Kerouac or spin up your favorite tunes on period-appropriate vinyl.


Boho Desks

boho & eclectic desks

Pore over your memoirs or sip a cup of Turkish coffee at a Boho desk. Earthy colors and rough-edged materials such as jute, canvas, or teak wood infuse Boho decor with globetrotting flair, while vibrant jewel-toned accents evoke free-spirited adventure. Rouse your intrepid spirit with a folding travel desk, or pen your latest dispatch from a broad desktop surrounded by textured panels.

A desk should not only fit your style, but your body, too. Whether you need to tuck away a tiny computer desk or sprawl out in executive style, explore a range of desks to meet your needs in our guide to Desk Types. Or take a deeper dive into each style in our guide to Home Office Ideas.