Best Desk Features for a Productive Home Office

Best Desk Features for a Productive Home Office

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When you spend hours at your desk every day, it’s important to find one with the features that match your physical and professional requirements. If you’re lost in a sea of shelves, drawers, frame shapes, and adjustable bases, rest easy; we’ve collected the most useful desk features to help you choose the right options for any workspace.


Standing Desks

Do you feel restless or achy after a few hours behind the computer? A standing desk can give your back a break. Plus, you’ll be free to shift your weight and choose a comfortable position for video calls or report writing. If standing all day isn’t practical, look at desks that go up and down. With an electric desk, just push a button to lift or lower the worktop as the mood strikes.


Corner Desks and L-Shaped Desks

Corner and L-shaped desks maximize your office space. If you don’t have a dedicated office, a corner model conserves floor space and provides lots of leg room. L-shaped desks are a bit bulkier, but they accommodate multiple monitors and make it easy to spread out.


Desks with Drawers

Desks with drawers keep clutter out of sight, so you can breathe easy each time you enter the office. If your company prioritizes cloud storage, small drawers might be all you need to store essential supplies. When you deal with hard copies of forms, documents, and contracts, desks with built-in file drawers keep paperwork under control.


Desks with Keyboard Trays

Ergonomic design is all about alignment; that’s where keyboard trays come in. These handy little trays suspend your keyboard below the desktop, automatically holding your wrists and forearms in a joint-friendly neutral position. Since the tray frees up space on the worktop, you can choose a shallower desk without compromising performance.


Desks with Storage Shelves and Hutches

When you’re in the middle of a busy workday, every minute counts. Desks with shelves keep your printer, reference manuals, and client binders in plain sight, so you can access them without missing a beat. Lower shelves sit below your eye line, helping a small office feel more open and spacious. Desks with hutches turn a tall wall into a roomy storage unit; some even come with integrated cork boards to pin receipts and reminders.


Wheeled Desks

Any space can become an office when you have a wheeled desk. Roll a standing desk on wheels into the conference room for a presentation or set up a temporary workspace for a visiting colleague. In your home office, wheels enable you to roll the desk out of sight when it’s time to relax.

Desk features directly affect your comfort and productivity. Check out our guides to Desk Size, Materials, and Style for more shopping tips.